Poison Ivy Removal

Poison Ivy Removal And Weed Control 

Have You Discovered Poison Ivy On Your Property? 

If you are a business owner or manager worried about poison ivy and other dangerous vegetation affecting your employees and customers, you’re not alone. Run ins with poison ivy usually result in inflamed skin and itchy, painful blisters and rashes and though you may blame the leaves it is actually the urushoil oil found contained within the plant that causes the rash. If you’ve discovered poison ivy, poison oak and other dangerous vegetation in your parking lot, along walkways or lurking elsewhere on your property and need help getting rid of it, please contact Parkway Pest Services; our experienced NY exterminators can help!

Poison Ivy Removal In Long Island, And NY, CT 

In addition to our commercial pest control and wildlife removal services, Parkway also specializes in poison ivy removal as well as weed control and offers these services to businesses throughout our service area including Long Island, Westchester County, the five boroughs and Fairfield County, CT. Our trained technicians will get rid of poison ivy either by hand or the use of product, depending on your specific situation, both with effective results. To learn more about Parkway’s poison ivy removal services, please contact us today!




Dear Peter

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my request regarding poison ivy removal. I am impressed by your kindness and professionalism and also want to compliment the person I spoke with (I believe her name was Karen), who was also courteous and represented your business well. It's nice to know that customer service and direct contact with a real person is still available.

- L.C., Sea Cliff, NY