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      Prior to bed bug treatment, the following procedures must be followed.


  1. All clothing and everything else inside closets and dresser drawers must be removed.

  2. Headboards, if attached to the wall, need to be taken off.

  3. Mattresses and box springs must be stripped of all bedding and covers.

  4. All furniture along walls in rooms to be treated must be moved away from the wall, at least two feet, to gain access to floor moldings.  Outlet and switch plate covers need to be taken off the walls.

  5. Prior to treatment, occupant should thoroughly vacuum infested areas including mattress, box spring, bed frame, dressers and surrounding areas.

  6. After vacuuming, discard the vacuum bag outside of the building.

  7. It is necessary to remove all clothing and bedding and place it inside a plastic bag prior to removing it from the room.  This will prevent bed bugs from being transported throughout the home.  All clothing needs to be washed and/or dry-cleaned.  If washed, the clothing needs to be placed in the clothes dryer and dried on a high heat setting for 45 minutes. Put clean dried clothes in a new plastic bag.

  8. Premises must be vacated four (4) hours after treatment. 

  9. Premises must be vacated during treatment.

  10. Remove any pets and turn off any fish tanks and cover prior to the start of treatment. Remember to turn fish tank back on when you come home.

  11. After treatment, mattress and box spring should be placed in encasement covers.

  12. Remove any items stored under the bed.

  13. The cheesecloth attached to and under your box spring or other furniture may be removed to allow for treatment if determined necessary by the technician.

  14. A follow-up visit will be scheduled at the time of initial service.           

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