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Box Elder Bugs

large adult box elder bug

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large red and black box elder bugs


Adult box elder bugs are ½ inch in length and are black in color with red markings on their wings and behind their head. Box elder bugs get their name from their main food source, the Box elder tree. They suck the sap out from the leaves, seeds and shoots of the tree. They are also found feeding on maple and ash trees.

Why Are They In My House?

Box elder bugs often enter homes in the Northeast during the fall months when the weather starts to cool off. They are looking for a warm shelter in which to spend the winter.

Are They Dangerous?

Box elder bugs do not sting and although they may bite, it does not usually prove painful. They are not a dangerous pest, but could cause problems for homes when they congregate in large numbers as they are likely to do.

How Do You Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs?

Box elder bugs can be very difficult to get rid of. They invade your home in very large numbers and can hide behind walls, in attic spaces and behind baseboards. Parkway Pest Services’ pest control services for box elder bugs are the ideal solution. Learn more about our Gold Protection Program!

How Soon Can You Get Here?

At Parkway, we understand that it is important to you to take care of your pest problem as soon as possible; therefore it is important to us, as well. Emergency and same day service is available, and in most cases we can be there the very next day.

Is The Treatment For Box Elder Bugs Safe?

At Parkway Pest Services, we pride ourselves on being Green Shield Certified, and we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, meaning treatments are much safer for you and your family.

How can I Prevent A Future Infestation?

Preventing box elder bugs from entering your home can be a difficult task. However sealing cracks in your foundation and siding along with making sure windows and doors are sealed properly can help to prevent them from entering your home. For the most advanced protection against box elder bugs and other insects, rodents and wildlife common to our region, contact Parkway Pest Services at the first sign of a problem.


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