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Earwigs are small insects of the order Dermaptera. They are slender and flat insects, generally 1/2 to 1 inch in length. Earwigs are characterized by two pincer-looking appendages on the rear of their abdomen. They are usually reddish-brown to black in color, with lighter legs. The earwig’s name comes from the misguided notion that the pests can enter a human’s ear and burrow into their brain.

Why are they in my house?

Earwigs enjoy cool, damp environments. This is often replicated by your basement. Earwigs may find their way into your homes if the temperature rises outside, or the humidity outside drops.

Are earwigs dangerous?

Although they can pinch with their pincers if they feel threatened, they rarely do so and the pinch is not strong enough to harm a human. Earwigs are generally considered just a nuisance pest.

What does it take to get rid of earwigs?

Reducing the humidity and moisture will help make your home or business less appealing to earwigs, but this is by no means a sure way to get rid of these common New York pests. If you think you have a problem with earwigs, you should call Parkway Pest Services immediately.

How soon can you get here?

At Parkway, we understand that it is important to you to take care of your pest problem as soon as possible; therefore it is important to us, too. Emergency and same day service is available and in most cases we can be there the very next day.

Is the treatment safe?

Here at Parkway Pest Services, we pride ourselves on being Green Shield Certified and we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques; meaning treatments are much safer for you and your family. IPM techniques include far fewer uses of chemicals, using them only as a last resort. Instead, we focus on baiting and the exclusion of pests.

How can I prevent a future infestation?

Elimination of food sources and entry points and lowering moisture in your structure can help, but earwigs can be extremely difficult to prevent. Our Gold Package provides you with constant protection from earwigs and many other common New York pests. Contact us for more information.

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