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Top Ten Ant Prevention Tips


When the ants go marching one by one, it might be fun to watch them all traveling along in a big long line. It is, even more, fun to see a teeny tiny little ant carrying a leaf, or a potato chip, or some other piece of food that is a hundred times bigger than itself. How do they do that?!

Yes, it can be a lot of fun watching ants at work. But when does it stop being fun? It stops when you see them marching into a hole in your foundation, or marching across your kitchen floor, or anywhere else inside your home. If you would rather not see ants in your house, here are 10 things you can actively do to try and keep those fascinating little pests outside, where they belong.

  1. Vacuum and sweep up crumbs after every meal. And thoroughly vacuum areas where food crumbs might be, such as beneath couch cushions. Ants don't need much to feed themselves, so the tiniest crumb is a feast.
  2. Thoroughly clean the inside of your home. Focus on areas where food particles might be present, such as the kitchen and pantry. Make sure to get in between the stove and the counter and underneath toasters and refrigerators. If you can't wash dishes immediately, leave them in a sink full of soapy water, instead of in a dry stack on the counter.
  3. Make sure to store all food in the fridge or in tightly sealed containers.
  4. Keep a tight fitting lid on your kitchen trash can.
  5. Dry up moist areas in your home with fans or dehumidifiers. Fix leaky faucets, pipes, tubs, toilets or sinks. Also, keep the outside of your house dry by removing items that hold standing water.
  6. Store all outside garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids.
  7. Remove areas of dead vegetation, and keep bushes and trees trimmed back from your foundation and exterior walls.
  8. Seal any gaps or cracks in your foundation, walls, or roof areas.
  9. Check all your door sweeps and screens, and make sure they are in good repair.
  10. Contact the pest control experts here at Parkway Pest Services and get started with one of our all-inclusive annual pest control programs today!

Employing these 10 steps will not only help to keep ants out of your home, they will also go a long way in keeping other pests such as cockroaches and rodents out. #10 is our favorite (obviously) and the most important one in ensuring that your home and property are pest-free. Our team of educated professionals knows what pest protocols are needed for over 30 household pest, every season of the year.

Partner up with the Parkway Pest Services team of pest control experts today and start living without pests today, and see how much nicer life can be.