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What Is A Pest Bird?

The main culprit when it comes to pest birds in NYC is the feral pigeon. The feral pigeon is actually not native to the United States. They are descendants of domesticated pigeons that were released into the wild. They can now be found in every major city throughout the country and in many other parts of the world.

Things You Should Know: Common pest birds in NY and CT include pigeons, starlings, and sparrows.  Pest birds carry many diseases that can pose a threat to human health.  Pest bird droppings can cause slips and falls, accelerate the aging of buildings, and damage equipment.

Things You Should Know:

  • Common pest birds in NY and CT include pigeons, starlings, and sparrows.
  • Pest birds carry many diseases that can pose a threat to human health.
  • Pest bird droppings can cause slips and falls, accelerate the aging of buildings, and damage equipment.

Why Do I Have Them?

Pigeons, along with other pest birds such as house sparrows and starlings, are attracted by food and shelter. They prefer roosts of which they can hide underneath, such as the letters of large signs. However, their number one priority is the accessibility of food. If you have bird feeders set out, this is most likely what is attracting your pigeons.

Are Birds Dangerous?

Pigeons are filthy birds that leave an area covered in droppings. Bird droppings spread many different diseases including Salmonella, West Nile Virus, Avian Flu, and many more. They may also introduce other pests that live on birds such as lice, mites, fleas, and ticks.

What Does It Take To Get Rid Of Pest Birds?

Parkway Pest Services is an authorized Bird-B-Gone installer. The use of bird spikes, bird netting, bird slopes, and other similar products prevent pigeons and other pest birds from landing on your property. These methods are effective and humane; the birds are not harmed in the process. To learn more about our humane bird exclusion and control services, contact us today!

How Can I Prevent A Future Infestation?

It is very difficult to deter pest birds from landing on your property. If you have a problem with pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, or any other bird, call the professionals at Parkway Pest Services for a free estimate.

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  • Is The Treatment Safe?
    Here at Parkway Pest Services, we pride ourselves on being Green Shield Certified and we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, meaning treatments are much safer for you and your family. IPM techniques include far fewer uses of chemicals, using them only as a last resort. Instead, we focus on baiting and the exclusion of pests.
  • How Soon Can You Get Here?
    At Parkway, we understand that it is important to you to take care of your pest problem as soon as possible; therefore it is important to us, as well. Emergency and same day service is available and in most cases we can be there the very next day.

PestGuard+ Protection

Designed to control the basic needs of pest control, this plan effectively protects your home from occasional invaders that are frequently encountered as well as most wood destroying insects. In addition to controlling carpenter ants, cockroaches and other insects and rodents, this home pest control plan includes treatment of yellow jackets within two feet of the dwelling. With our friendly and knowledgeable exterminators on the job, you can say goodbye to ants in the kitchen, mice in the attic and the other pests scattered throughout the house.

  • 4 Visits Annually
  • Pest Identification
  • Covers 30+ Common Pests
  • Interior & Exterior Service
  • Unlimited Service Calls

Starting at $55/month*

*Some exclusions may apply
  • Friendly, Professional Staff
  • Thorough Inspection
  • Treatment Focused on the Outside & Inside

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