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The Ants Of New York


Just what makes that little old ant,

Think he'll move that rubber tree plant?

Anyone knows an ant, can't,

Move a rubber tree plant…

I think we all know that one little old ant couldn't possibly move a rubber tree plant, or any other plant for that matter, but what if that one little old ant goes and gets a bunch of his friends? Ants can do some pretty amazing things.

  • Ants can carry enormous weights. It is well documented that worker ants can carry many times their own body weight, but new research has revealed that the neck joint of a common American field ant can actually withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than its own body weight, according to Ohio State University.
  • Ants can travel great distances. Although each ant species is different in how far they travel away from their nest, we know that carpenter ants will venture as far away as 100 yards to find food. But the not-so-picky pavement ant will gladly invade any nearby structure and will eat just about anything.
  • Ants have an amazing sense of smell. If one ant finds a source of food, it will then travel back to the nest in a straight line, leaving a scent behind called a pheromone trail. This allows other ants to follow the scent back to the food, each leaving a little more scent so the trail is easier to follow. This is why we often see ants all traveling in a line and covering a source of food.

There is no doubt that ants are amazing creatures, but with their inborn abilities, they are capable of doing a lot of damage if they get into your yard, home, or business and are allowed to multiply. Fire ants in your yard can be a serious danger to babies, the elderly, and the infirmed. Ants that crawl all over garbage, sewers, and other bacteria-laden areas can get into a home and contaminate food or food preparation surfaces. Carpenter ants can travel great distances, as mentioned, to get into your home and chew tunnels throughout the wood of your home, weakening the structure and ultimately causing costly damages.

Get rid of ants, and other household pests

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