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The Giant Hunting Spider You May Find In Your New York Home


They might not seem so bad when they’re crawling through the grass, but these giant insect predators will ruin your day if they find a way into your home. 

Wolf spiders are big, hairy, scary arachnids that are common in the Tri-State area. Their characteristic forward-facing eyes and long, thin legs make them an apex predator against smaller pests such as grasshoppers and crickets. Unlike other spider species, wolf spiders would rather travel than make a webbed home, building temporary underground burrows once they’ve found a secure hunting ground. Wolf spiders also make particularly good parents, meticulously toting their egg sacs around on their back. 

You might expect that a creature as intimidating as this would pose serious issues for humans, but wolf spiders rarely interact with people unless provoked. Much like their cousin the cellar spider, bites are painful and venomous, but not enough to threaten the health of well individuals.  

They’ll Huff, They’ll Puff, But Will This Wolf Take Your House Down? 

You might want these eight-legged predators out of your home, but many countries around the world welcome the little hunter into their homes. Their affinity for eating other pests leads many to believe that these spiders can eliminate other pest issues in the house. However, wolf spiders alone cannot eliminate enough pests to make a measurable difference, allowing infestations to worsen.

Staying vigilant of your home’s changing pest pressures is critical for the prevention of wolf spider food sources. Getting a thorough home inspection from a licensed professional is the first step towards controlling spider populations. 

Get Them Out of the Way with Parkway 

Natural bug control or not, wolf spiders are uncomfortable arachnids to have around the house and they make for inefficient pest control technicians. Spiders appearing inside your home may be a sign of other insect infestations that have gone unnoticed. For assistance with keeping unwanted pests and their wolf spider predators out, contact the best company for the job: Parkway Pest Services, the Tri-State area’s pest control experts since 1932. 

With 80 years of experience serving the clientele of New York with board-certified entomologists, agronomists, and certified wildlife experts, Parkway dominates the pest control industry with uncontested authority on pest elimination, trapping, abatement, and much more. To learn more about how we can serve you,reach out to us today and schedule your free home inspection. It’s time to get serious about your pest control needs. Contact Parkway today!