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How Are Spiders Getting Into My New York Home?

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Spiders are pests that no one wants to encounter in their home. Most of us have either seen a spider crawling up the side of our bedroom wall or hiding in the corner of our shower at one point or another in our lives, we are usually left wondering how they got into our home and why. 

Whether you’re young, old, tall, or short, spiders are creepy, eight-legged pests fit for the stuff of nightmares. What’s even more alarming about spiders is the fact that they get into homes during all parts of the year. Many other pests, such as ladybugs, mice, and rats, typically start invading during the colder months of fall and winter. Spiders take the opportunity to get into your home any chance they get, during any season.

How Spiders Get Into Your Home

Keeping spiders out of your home can be incredibly difficult due to how small they are, but knowing how and why they might get into your home is always helpful to understand:

Many spiders are pretty small - they can fit into spaces that other pests typically can’t. Even the tiniest cracks in your foundation could allow spiders in, so be sure to repair these as soon as possible.

Spiders gain entry to homes where door sweeps are not installed and window frames are crooked or damaged. Installing the necessary parts and making repairs will help keep spiders outside where they belong.

How to Keep Spiders Out

Spiders follow their food sources—insects. Usually, if spiders are getting into your home, it is because you already have an existing insect problem in or around your home. This means that any factor that may attract insects indoors, might also attract spiders as well.

A few things to know:

  • Leaving lights on at night can attract several insects, and spiders are not far behind.
  • Open trash bins or food that is left out attracts flies or other garbage-eating insects, eventually leading spiders to your property.
  • Moisture in basements or around faulty piping attracts a lot of different species of insects. Again, this will draw spiders to your home.
  • Attracting insects to your home means attracting spiders as well, so be sure to take care of your pest problems in a permanent way.

How to Get Rid of Spiders 

Parkway Pest Services is aware that many pest invasions begin with an existing problem within the home. We provide thorough inspections to identify potential problem areas on your property. Spider invasions are no problem with Parkway Pest Services on your side. With our residential pest control programs, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected. Never lose sleep over a creepy crawly infestation ever again! Contact Parkway to learn about all the pest solutions we offer.