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Should I Call A Professional To Deal With Bed Bugs In Nassau County?

a pest control expert inspecting a bed for bed bugs

Bed bugs are unwelcome, bloodthirsty pests that can create quite a problem. New York homeowners who’ve encountered these insects may ask, “Should I call a professional to deal with bed bugs in Nassau County?” If the help of experts is sought, the team at Parkway Pest Services offers a unique set of strengths and resources to combat bed bugs successfully.

Tackling Bed Bugs Without Help

A bed bug is tiny, so maybe it seems like an easy enough task to deal with this pest all alone. This proposition works much better in theory than when trying to execute the plan. Bed bugs are a hearty species and reproduce very quickly.

Homeowners commonly use the following do-it-yourself (DIY) methods when trying to deal with bed bugs:

  • Alcohol: Ever heard of spraying rubbing alcohol on mattresses and bedding? This faux remedy continues to be used but generally has little to no effect on bed bugs.
  • Oils: The essential oil craze has got many folks thinking these substances are basically cure-alls to anything from eczema to problematic pests like bed bugs. While a few scents may deter bed bugs, these do not negatively impact eggs; baby bed bugs can continue to hatch regardless of how nice the bed smells.
  • Steam: Using a hot steamer can actually work wonders, but only if the right type of steamer is used and used correctly. Large commercial steamers work best but may be harder to come by and more unwieldy to handle. If steam doesn’t reach all infested areas, then bed bugs can quickly return.

Products Geared To Combat Bed Bugs

Head into the pest control section of a big box store and notice the vast array of products available for combatting bed bugs. While each product may not be pricey, the costs add up as more and more items are needed to try and fight an uphill battle.

  • Contact Sprays: These sprays are geared to kill bed bugs on contact and are usually less toxic than some other products available. Adults may die, but these substances will not harm eggs.
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This dusting powder is generally nontoxic and has been shown effective against bed bugs. Repeated applications are needed, and time is required for maximum effect.
  • Foggers: Even if the package says it kills bed bugs, foggers don’t work on these pests.
  • Insect Sprays: Some high-powered insecticides may promise results, but don’t believe the hype. These costly sprays can be more toxic without showing their increased level of potentially harmful chemicals.

Handling Bed Bugs In Nassau County - Permanently

If a homeowner asks, “Should I call a professional to deal with bed bugs in Nassau County?” Sound advice would be a resounding, “Yes!” If these pests are a serious issue, then that problem needs expert help. Even if DIY methods or big box products can lessen bed bug problems for a while, it will only be a temporary fix. Ongoing maintenance can prevent the possibility of another bed bug making its way indoors and repeating the infestation cycle all over again.

Solving Bed Bug Problems

Should I call a professional to deal with bed bugs in Nassau County? Absolutely! Take the stress out of the equation when dealing with a reputable pest control company like Parkway Pest Services. The foolproof way to take care of bed bugs on a long-term basis is by reaching out to our highly skilled technicians at Parkway Pest Services. We even use trained bed bug dogs to detect these pests so we can adequately treat each home. Get started with bed bug control in Nassau County today!