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What You Ought To Know If You Believe Your Westchester Home Has A Flea Problem


For us Winchester residents, our quality of life is important to us. And we certainly do love our pets as if they were our own children, so we want their quality of life to be great as well. This means letting them into our house, on our living room furniture, and even into our beds. I can’t think of the last time there wasn’t a dog or two curled up at my feet, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, our pets might not be the only ones we’re sharing our furniture with.

You see, allowing pets inside your home always brings the risk of fleas in as well. And, while fleas are a danger to pets, they also pose a threat to you and your family. Understanding how fleas get in and how hard they are to get rid of is essential for properly protecting your home from these pests.

Entering Your Home

While fleas do love to cling onto your pets and enter your home, they can actually enter in a variety of ways. Dogs and cats get a bad rap for bringing fleas in, but it’s not just them. Many types of rodents will carry fleas, so rodents in or around your home can easily start a flea infestation. You’re probably thinking, “Alright, that’s fine. I’ll just keep rodents out, and I’ll check my pet for fleas before it comes into the house.” However, that logic is a little flawed.

You see, fleas typically lay their eggs deep within the fur of dogs, cats, and rodents. So even if you don’t see fleas on your pet, they might be shedding flea eggs all around your home without you even knowing. (Sorry if that makes you look at poor Fido a little differently, but facts are facts). Plus, with their ability to carry diseases, your pets may get exposed to harmful bacteria as they carry fleas in from the yard.

Spotting A Flea Infestation

Having your pets exposed to harmful diseases is bad enough. But what about you? What about your spouse or your children? Just because fleas ride in on your pets doesn’t mean they won’t hop off onto you or your furniture to spread these diseases all over your home. That’s why it’s important to spot an infestation early.

The easiest way to spot fleas (even though they can be very hard to see), is to keep an eye on your pets. If they’re itching excessively, they may have fleas, and so do you. Fleas might also get caught in the act of hopping off of pets, or even off of your pant leg if you pick some up in the yard, and onto your curtains or carpet. They’re very jumpy, so you may spot them hopping around every once in a while if you’re near the carpet. This ability to jump can even land them on your food preparation surfaces, leaving behind dangerous bacteria.

Guaranteed Protection

If you still don’t believe that fleas are a danger to both you and your pests, consider this. Fleas are actually responsible for spreading two of the most deadly plagues in the history of the world. So why would you want to let them into your home? There may be a few home remedies that could keep them at bay, but if you have pets, it’s only a matter of time. Why take a chance when your family’s health is at stake?

The best flea prevention measures come from a joint effort between your veterinary and professional pest control services. Contact Parkway Pest Control to protect your home from fleas today. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.