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Are Pavement Ants Dangerous?


It is the time of year when it seems like the whole world is coming alive again after a long winter. Birds are singing, the leaves are budding, and the grass is turning green. At the same time, many creatures are coming out of their hiding spots where they waited out the winter; and not all of them are the cute, furry kind that we like to see in the trees. Pests such as wasps, spiders, and ants, to name a few, are probably starting to be spotted in homes and yards all over the area by now.

We get asked frequently about the ants that can often be seen scurrying around the front stoop or across the kitchen floor. These are likely pavement ants. These ants are most often found nesting underneath stones in a walkway or patio or under the curbing outside; but they can be found, on occasion, inside nesting in walls or under the floors of your home. The ants that are spotted in your kitchen are the workers who are off scavenging for food to take back to the colony.

Are they dangerous? The short answer is no, they are not. Pavement ants do not bite, though they could sting if they really needed to. Ants are not known to carry or spread any disease or illness to humans. However, few of us really want to share our breakfast with them.

Pavement ants will feed on several types of foods such as meat, seeds, dead insects, and greasy foods. They are known to nest near human dwellings so that they have easy access to the types of foods they eat. What might be one or two ants in the kitchen can quickly become out of hand as a colony grows and gets too close to your home. Over time, the colony gets too large and will form a new colony that will nest somewhere nearby as well. Before you know it, your home and yard are infested with thousands of pavement ants all looking for a meal.

Finding an abundance of ants in or around your home can be concerning. Trying to get rid of them is an overwhelming task for most homeowners. Luckily, you do not have to go it alone. Give the ant experts here at Parkway Pest Services a call. Our expert team of pest professionals can be on their way to help you pinpoint the source of your ant problems and help to remove the threat from your home or yard.