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When Ant Hills Are Covering Your Lawn, Parkway Can Help!

Ant hills

If you were to go out into your yard right now, how many anthills would you be able to count? One? Ten? More? Across our beautiful state each year, ants build their homes in places that cause us trouble—most of the time right in the middle of our yards. As for getting rid of those pesky anthills, it's not always as easy as it may seem. We fill them up with water, and they are back bigger and better just a few days later. We stomp on them, and the ants rebuild. It is not hard to feel like no matter what we do, there is just no keeping them away; but does this mean we just give up the thought of summer fun in our backyards? Not at all.

Why Ants In The Lawn Can Quickly Become Ants In The House

For ants, their hills act as their home base. This is to say that they do not stay in them 24/7. Just like we have to make food runs, ants must do the same. However, for ants, a food run is much more complicated than driving to the store and filling up a cart. For ants, a food runs consists of three things, searching, discovery, and collection. This is where your home is at risk. All it takes is one ant wandering inside, and a single scrap of food for an invasion to begin. Naturally, the closer anthills are to your home, the more likely your chances of ants wandering inside and finding what they are looking for.

How Professional Ant Treatment Can Help Your Yard

As we have already discussed, the further away from your home anthills are, the less likely you are to encounter them in your everyday activities. With professional ant control, not only do you find a solution to the anthills built up across your yard, but you also get a barrier that keeps them out of your house. Think of what that would mean for you, and for anyone looking to have fun outdoors. Our guess is that you are interested in an ant-free environment, and here at Parkway Pest Services, we want to help you find just that. 

When you hire Parkway to handle the ant problems, you find care and service that stands the test of time. No more will you have to worry about ants joining in on your outdoor fun or stealing food from your kitchen where they don't belong. With Parkway on your side, ants have no other choice than to stay away.

To learn more about our pest control plans and to talk to one of our highly qualified service representatives, give us a call today. It would be our pleasure to help you find the pest protection you are looking for.