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When Will Mosquito Season Return To New York?

A large disease carrying mosquito biting on a new york resident  one summer day

Mosquitoes are simply a part of life in the warmer seasons No matter if you live in Florida, here in New York, or anywhere in between, mosquitoes will continue to be both an annoyance and a health threat. While mosquitoes may be more common in tropical areas, they are still quite capable of surviving and thriving in our much colder state. As soon as spring and summer hits us with that warm, wet, and humid weather, mosquitoes will be buzzing about once again in search of a blood meal. Only female mosquitoes bite humans or animals in order to get a sufficient amount of blood to nourish their eggs, which will then be laid in stagnant pools of water to hatch into new mosquitoes—and the cycle goes on.

Mosquitoes are known for their irritating and high-pitched buzzing sound, but they are feared for more than just the annoyance they bring. Mosquito bites are identified by the slightly raised, red, and itchy welt they leave on your skin. This is caused by the saliva they inject into the blood vessel they are feeding from in order to keep your blood free of clots while they are feeding. Most people have a slight allergic reaction to mosquito saliva, which is why we are often left with itchy red welts after being bitten. Mosquitoes can introduce many viruses and illnesses into our bodies when they bite us, which have the potential to be a health threat under certain conditions. While diseases spread by mosquitoes are not as common in America as they are in other countries, some illnesses mosquitoes are known to spread to humans include Dengue fever, West Nile virus, malaria, and several others. The way mosquitoes spread viruses is by feeding on the blood of a human or animal infected with these illnesses, and then biting someone else that did not previously have that illness. The more people who are infected, the greater the chance that those diseases will be able to be spread, which is why mosquito bites can be fatal in some instances.

Mosquitoes are an issue for any New York resident, but with help of Parkway Pest Services, they don’t have to be. Our pest professionals have the knowledge and skills it takes to keep your property free of pests, including mosquitoes. When you choose one of our mosquito control programs, you get the quality service of a thorough inspection and identification for possible breeding areas and access to all of our treatment methods to deal with the mosquito problems on your property. For information on all of our mosquito-management and removal options, contact Parkway Pest Solutions today.