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Nuisance Wildlife Stirs Up Trouble In Long Island Homes


By now you’ve probably heard stories from family members, friends or even co-workers who have experienced a wildlife problem in their Long Island home and the truth is raccoons, squirrels and other nuisance wildlife are a huge pain for those who’ve had to deal with these types of pests. Until you’ve dealt with them yourself however, it’s hard to fully grasp how serious a problem they can be to both people and property.

Unfortunately winter does not help to eliminate wildlife problems and in fact they become more common as the chilly weather drives them indoors in search of warm shelter. And it just so happens that your NY home could provide the perfect combination of shelter, food and water they require to survive.

So as mentioned above, wildlife infestations are bad news and for several reasons. Problems associated with this type of pest problem include:

  • Torn or contaminated insulation
  • Damage to the structure of the home as well as other building materials
  • Accumulation of droppings and urine in storage spaces, and attics as well as among personal belongings.
  • Spread of bacteria and pathogens by wild animals that have raided the garbage and dumpsters.
  • Potential exposure to rabies and other serious health threats
  • Encounters with dogs and cats (think skunk spraying, bites etc.)

And let’s not forget the noises that these pests can make when hanging out overhead or in the case of squirrels in the walls. Talk about disturbing! A few sleepless nights and we’re sure you’ll be ready to call in the Long Island wildlife removal team to see what is in your home and how to get it/them out ASAP! Here at Parkway Pest Services, we do just that.

Our NY wildlife control is designed not only to get rid of existing wildlife but to prevent future occurrences as well. We will help to identify the areas and conditions that are attracting wildlife into your home so you can prevent nuisance wildlife from dwelling on your property or inside of your home.

To learn more about our Long Island wildlife removal services or for relief from wildlife problems in Westchester County, the Five Boroughs, or Fairfield County, CT please contact Parkway Pest Services today. We are a 3rd generation family owned and operated pest control and wildlife removal company in New York that has over 80 years of experience and are happy to eliminate the threat of wildlife so that you, your family and your home are all protected this winter and throughout the entire year.