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Safeguarding Your New York Restaurant Against Rats

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Throughout the year, it’s important to take steps to safeguard your New York restaurant against rats. The same things that bring rats to residences in the fall, such as warmth, food, and shelter, will bring them to New York Restaurants. When a homeowner has a rat problem, it’s likely no one else is affected except for the family living inside. When a restaurant has a rat problem, it can destroy the restaurant's reputation, cause the restaurant to incur fines, and potentially cause the restaurant to fail. Learn how you can protect your New York City restaurant from rats.

Why Rats are Bad for Business

Rats can harbor many dangerous diseases. They have been linked to the plague, salmonella poisoning, rat-bite fever, and can transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses indirectly from the pests they carry in their fur. As they run around your restaurant, they leave a trail of urine and feces that can contaminate food-prep surfaces, food-storage areas, and your food supply.
A rat sighting is incredibly bad for business and could be a huge financial burden on your restaurant. People will not patronize a restaurant that is known for having rats. With social media, one bad review or picture of a rat in your restaurant can go viral, ruining your reputation instantly.

How to Prevent Rats from Getting into Your Restaurant

There are many ways to prevent rats from getting into your restaurant. Diligent effort is needed by restaurant owners and all employees. Be sure to:

  • Make sure any back entrances remain shut.
  • Have a good food waste disposal system.
  • Seal any open holes or crevices around the restaurant.
  • Do regular inspections and keep up on cleanliness.
  • Have a professional pest control service do routine inspections and treatments.

Leave It to The Professionals

At Parkway Pest Service, we know how to discreetly deal with a rat infestation. Our Professionals will inspect your facility and use appropriate and effective measures that are designed to eliminate even the toughest of rodents. We have been in business for over 80 years and are ready to deal with your situation at any time. Call us and discuss the pest control needs for your New York City-area restaurant.