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Common Stinging Insects Of New York

Stinging Insects

When you consider insects that will sting you in New York during the summer months, you probably think of bees; but ‘bee’ is a general term many people use to describe a whole host of stinging insects. Some of the common stinging insects in the New York metro area include bumble bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, honey bees, ground bees, and cicada killers. No matter what kind of stinging insect it is, you won’t want to get stung. You will, however, want to look for ways to protect yourself from these stinging summertime pests.

Are Stinging Insects Dangerous?

For the most part, stinging insects are not dangerous. Their stings usually hurt quite a bit, but a sting or two is typically nothing more than a nuisance. The real issue begins when an entire hive of bees or stinging insects is disturbed and you get stung multiple times. Additionally, some people have a severe allergic reaction to bee stings that can be fatal if not treated immediately. Rather than take the chance, it’s a good idea to avoid stinging insects.

Where Do Stinging Insects Build Nests?

Most stinging insects need to be close to a food and water source and have a nice undisturbed or protected area in order to build their nests. Oftentimes, this means they will build their nests under your deck railings, in nearby plants and trees, from the overhangs of sheds or under your eaves, and in the case of ground bees, in undisturbed areas of soft land.  

How Can You Prevent Stings?

There are many things you can do to avoid getting stung this summer, including:

  • Avoid wearing perfumes or scented lotions
  • Stay away from clothing with bright floral patterns
  • Look for nests before sitting in deck chairs, grabbing onto railings, or walking barefoot through the grass
  • Remove standing water and food sources near areas where you’d like to be able to relax or entertain this summer
  • Stand still if a stinging insect is near you, avoid swatting at it as that can provoke them to become defensive and try to sting you
  • Do not try to remove stinging insect nests yourself

How Can Professional Pest Services Help?

Parkway Pest Services has a staff of technicians that are experts at dealing with stinging insects. We have the knowledge and expertise to remove dangerous nests in a safe and professional manner. We can also work with you to prevent future problems with stinging insects around your New York metro home. You can contact us for year-round pest control services or for a one-time service at any time. We offer emergency and same day services to help you with your pest issues.