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Mice Infestations Threaten Long Island Homes This Fall

mice in the kitchen
As the summer season comes to a quick end and the fall is upon us, it is time to shift gears. The kids go back to school, the weather begins to cool off, and unfortunately, mice become a more serious threat to Long Island homeowners as well as for those living in Brooklyn, Westchester County, NY and throughout the region. Although mice and other rodents are a year-round problem for some, the chances of a home infestation increase as the fall season approaches.

Mice are considered commensal rodents which means they thrive in the same conditions as humans. Food from the kitchen, water from the kitchen and bathrooms, and the warmth and shelter of the home all provide the perfect conditions for mice to live and thrive even on the coldest days of winter. There are many concerns when it comes to mice getting inside the home. Some of the threats of mice infestations in New York include:

  • Damages to the structures of the home and to your belongings
  • Risk of electrical fire from mice gnawing on wires and electrical equipment
  • Contamination of food and food surfaces
  • The spread of disease and bacteria from mice droppings and urine

What makes these pests a greater threat in the fall? As the temperatures begin to drop, mice and many other pests begin looking for places to overwinter. And homes provide the perfect resources for mice to have an enjoyable winter hence, a greater threat of infestations. Thankfully there are some things that you can do as a homeowner to help prevent mice from getting inside.

  1. Seal off any cracks, holes, or gaps on the exterior of the home. It only takes a hole about the size of a dime for a mouse to squeeze through!
  2. Keep the doors and windows closed unless they have a secure screen. Warm days in the fall may be tempting but keeping that door open will only provide a perfect entrance for a mouse.
  3. Keep your kitchen rodent proofed which means a deep clean to remove built-up debris, keeping all food stored in containers with tight-fitting lids, and sanitizing food surfaces before and after each use.

It is important for homeowners to keep in mind that despite their attempts to keep the home free from mice, sometimes preventative measures alone are not enough. But no need to worry because Parkway Pest Services offers residents in Long Island as well as throughout their large service area a plan to keep homes pest free this fall. Parkway’s PestGuard program offers the solution homeowners can trust to keep out mice as well as many other pests from spreading illness and causing destruction in the home. To learn more about Parkway’s PestGuard program, please contact us today!