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Rodents And Wildlife In NY Seek Refuge In Homes

squirrel eating seeds

It is winter in New York and you know what that means! Aside from spiced lattes and tall boots, New Yorkers are also left dealing with an increase in rodents and wildlife in their homes and around their properties. Just like us, these pests are trying to stay warm and beat the cold weather, ice, snow and other unfriendly weather conditions. But, did you know that rodents and wildlife can be dangerous to have in and around your home? 

The dangers of rodents and wildlife in New York

  1. Rodents and wildlife can spread disease and bacteria throughout the home, causing illness. They track through unsanitary places like the garbage, feces and urine and then spread these pathogens all around the areas they walk and nest. Not to mention, their own urine and feces that will build up if they find a way to get inside.
  2. Rodents are well known for their destruction to property. They have front teeth that continuously grow, requiring them to chew on items (aka pipes, wires and personal belongings) in order for them to keep their teeth filed down. Not only do they cause damage from gnaw marks, mice, rats and other rodents are also know for starting many house fires each year from chewing on electrical equipment.
  3. Wildlife animals like raccoons have been known to become aggressive, especially if mamma has had a litter of pups in the attic. Raccoons in the attic are likely to stay out of sight, but attempting to handle them can lead to bites and injury due to their protective nature.

What rodents and wildlife should you be watching out for? The most common New York wildlife and rodents are:

If you have noticed rodent droppings, heard noises in the walls, or seen gnaw marks around the house, you may have an infestation of rodents or wildlife in your home. Our best advice, do not attempt to deal with these pests on your own. Give our professional New York exterminators a call to be sure that your home is safely eradicated from any pests that may threaten you and your family.

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