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No Pets, No Fleas, Not Exactly

flea on skin

There I was, sitting on the couch patting my favorite pup that was snuggled up beside me while I watched a little television. Feeling something on my arm I looked down to see a black spec that I tried to flick off only to have it jump from one spot to another. Uh oh. I mentally calculated the months between flea treatments the vet gave me, and quickly realized I had forgotten to give my dog her last dose. Just like that her black fur was harboring hitchhikers that were sure to make both her and myself miserable if I didn’t act quickly.

Fleas are bad news in anyone’s book. Their bite can not only cause painful itchy rashes on both you and your pets, but they can transmit diseases such as typhus and tapeworm. Then, of course, there is that little thing called the plague. Trust me; you do not want anything to do with any of these. The best way to prevent fleas is by knowing how they got there in the first place.

Like my poor little Kenzie, pets without proper treatment from your vet regularly are at risk of bringing fleas into your home. You might not notice right away, but these little biters will eventually cause your dog or cat serious itching and rashes they will not soon forget. Your pets will leave a trail of jumping bugs all over your house especially in areas where they sleep.

Don’t have a pet so you think you are safe? Think again. Many homeowners have found themselves in the midst of a flea infestation without pets. They were probably just as surprised as you are. One way this happens is when household pests carry fleas in on them. Mice and rats are both common carrier of fleas. If you find you have fleas without having animals, you might find that fleas are not the only pests who have made themselves at home in your house.

Other wild creatures that love to romp in your yard can also bring fleas. Raccoons, squirrels, and chipmunks are just a few that you might actually enjoy watching as they romp through your backyard; however, like all furry creatures, these guys are more than likely to have fleas that they are leaving behind.

Your neighbors might also be the cause of your trauma. Perhaps their pets are untreated and those pets love that shady spot under the tree near your front door. Fleas are adept at jumping from one host to another and getting a free ride into your home.

New to you furniture can also be a source. If you have bought a couch from a friend, even one that looks clean, it still might be harboring a secret stash of stowaways. Always inspect any furniture that you buy second-hand closely before you bring it into your house.

It seems as if you are never safe, so what can you do? First, if you have a pet, keep them treated as your vet recommends. It saves you both a lot of heartache. Make sure that all carpeted and soft areas are well vacuumed and maintained. Concentrate on anywhere your pets might sleep. You should also keep your yard well maintained. Long grass or unruly shrubs near your home can be nice little hiding spots for fleas. You might also want to consider having your home regularly inspected for fleas or other pests that bring fleas with them. This is a sure way to make sure they do not take up residence.

Whatever the reason, if you find that your home has fleas, do not go it alone. Fleas breed quickly and are tough to kill. Even harder to get rid of are the thousands of tiny eggs that survived a flea bath for your pet and spray for your home. Toxic chemicals should never be administered to your home unless it is by a professional. Parkway Pest Services is just a phone call away. Our trained professionals are here to help you get rid of your flea problem and make sure that they stay gone.