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Ghosts In The Attic?

ghosts in the attic

Are you hearing bumps and scuffling noises coming from your attic? Do you lie awake at night listening, wondering if you have a ghost? Well, here are some other things you can look for to figure out just what exactly is making those spooky noises. First, take a look at your kitchen and pantry area. Do you see tiny black or brown droppings in the backs of your drawers or inside cabinets? Do you see chew marks on food containers or little piles of food left behind on counters and floors? Do you see grease marks on corners or around small holes? Ghosts don't leave those things behind.

The next place to look for clues to those things that go bump in the night is the attic itself. Do you see small nests of twigs, fabrics, or other household items hidden away in hard-to-see places? Do you see more tiny pellet-like droppings and is there a smell in those areas. If you are finding any of these signs, there is a pretty good chance you don't have a ghost at all. If you are hearing, seeing, and smelling these things, there is little doubt about what is keeping you up at night. Mice, but mice are not a good thing to have in your attic either. Here's why.

Why mice are NOT good to have in your house:

In the past century alone, more than 10 million people have died from rodent-borne diseases - diseases such as Salmonella, Lyme disease, Typhus, Hantavirus, and of course the Plague. These diseases are known to lead to symptoms such as skin lesions, intestinal disorders, renal failure, fever, respiratory attacks, and sometimes death. But even if they don't carry disease, mice can be extremely destructive. They gnaw on everything from woodwork to pipes, and from insulation to treasured items. These little critters also chew into food packages. But the most concerning danger mice pose is the fact that they chew on wires. This has been known to cause sparks which can lead to house fires. This being known, what can you do if you have these home-destroying, dangerous pests living in your attic?

Typically do-it-yourself mouse removal is, at best, only partially successful. You may be able to catch several mice by using traps and baits. You may be able to prevent additional mice from entering by sealing up gaps and cracks in your home. But you can never know for sure that you have gotten rid of all of the mice in your home, and despite your best efforts, they are likely to return again and again to plague you.

The best course of action is getting professional help. Don't take risks with your possessions, your home, or your family's health. The expert pest control technicians here at Parkway Pest Services have been helping folks get rid of mice, and other household pests, since 1932. Get rid of those "ghosts" in your attic and rest easy. Give us a call today.