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Termites Are Swarming Now - Don’t Wait Call Today - Authorized Sentricon Installer
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Meet Bradford Traynor Of Parkway Pest Services


Brad Traynor is one of Parkway’s longest running and loyal employees having been with us for 26 years. Brad's specialty is termite control and he constantly upgrades his specialty. Through the years he has mastered the treatment of subterranean termites from the use of chemical treatments to today's technologically advanced termite baiting systems.  Brad has successfully completed the training program for the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System and is authorized to install and service the Sentricon® System.  He has probably clocked in more hours in termite control than most other companies have ever performed.   Brad is a certified commercial pest control applicator in New York and Connecticut in the categories of structural pest control and termite control.  He is as dedicated to our customers as he is to our company.