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NY Wildlife And The Problems They Cause

squirrel hanging off of bird feeder

I think we all know that wildlife and our homes do not mesh. For those who live in wooded areas or even on a suburban street, wildlife including raccoons, bats, skunks, and pest birds seem to be finding homes all over the place in New York. And if you have been dealing with wildlife for quite some time, you may not be as sensitive to all of the threats and concerns that accompany wildlife problems in NY.


  • get into the trash
  • may nest in attics
  • females can have babies in our home
  • may be aggressive toward humans
  • introduce other pests into the home like fleas
  • known to carry rabies
  • structural damage and contamination of home


  • may roost inside homes if they find access
  • droppings and urine contaminate structures
  • costly structural damages
  • can bite humans
  • known to carry rabies
  • introduce other pests like bat bugs (similar to bed bugs)


  • emit a foul smelling odor
  • can spray humans and pets
  • not a lot of ways to get rid of the smell

Pest birds

  • structural damages
  • risk of slip and fall from their waste
  • birds nest in the same spot for generations
  • creates unsanitary conditions

With a list of problems this long, clearly having any wildlife on your property or inside of your home is not a good thing. In order to make sure that you do not have to worry about any of the dangers or concerns listed above, it is important to first, follow our wildlife prevention tips and second, call in the NYC wildlife pros right away if you have identified a wildlife problem.