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Prevention Steps to Take Against Late Summer Cockroaches

cockroach on a broom

No one would ever say they want to encourage cockroach activity on their property. Just the mere thought of these filthy insects can cause any homeowners' skin to crawl, especially when you understand that seeing one cockroach is a pretty good indicator that there are many more nearby. Even as summer comes to a close, cockroaches are still actively searching for ways to infest our homes—but not just any property is attractive to a cockroach. If keeping cockroaches away from your home is on your priority list this season, understanding how and why they invade may be the answer to keeping them out

Factors That Encourage Cockroach Activity

During the warmer parts of the season, cockroach activity tends to be at its highest. The warmth and humidity that mid-summer weather provides, gives cockroaches perfect conditions for foraging, breeding, and reproducing. As the weather begins to cool toward the end of summer, and the beginning of fall, cockroaches start searching for locations where they can enjoy the benefits of warmth, food, and moisture. Unfortunately, our heated homes offer the most favorable areas cockroaches can find—especially when you factor in easily accessible food sources, and moist locations. If cockroaches find any openings made for utilities, cracks in your foundation, or gaps around your basement windows, it won’t be long before they invade and start rapidly reproducing. You can help keep roaches out of your home with some easy prevention steps.

Cockroach Prevention Tips

  • Store any leftovers in airtight containers. Cockroaches can smell food sources easily when it is stored in bags or cardboard boxes.
  • Make your property as dry as possible by repairing faulty drains, leaking fixtures, and loose piping. Also, run a dehumidifier in damp areas of your home like the basement.
  • Keep any trash cans on the interior or exterior of your home tightly sealed. Garbage is often a major feeding and breeding ground for roaches.
  • Seal all gaps, cracks, and crevices around your property—including your foundation, exterior walls, and siding.
  • Replace torn window and door screens.
  • Clean your counters, sweep, and vacuum regularly. You might not realize it, but crumbs can build up fast!
  • Keep clutter both inside and outside of your home to a minimum. The more areas roaches have to hide, the more likely they are to invade.
  • Cut tall grass, weeds, and other shrubs away from the walls of your home. This prevents cockroaches from being able to hide and also helps dry up any excess moisture near your foundation.

The best prevention tip for cockroach infestations is contacting the professional pest technicians from Parkway Pest Services. We believe in providing homeowners with the best products and services available, which is why we offer treatments and prevention services that last year-round. Contact Parkway Pest Services today to learn how we treat roach infestations!