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Are You Still Seeing Rodents In Westchester?


When summer rolls around, folks in Westchester, NY tend to get outside more. They go outside to work in the garden, to swim in lakes and pools, and to have picnics in green parks. So it makes sense that animals that have been living in human dwellings for the winter would also start getting outside more as well. But, neither people nor rodents will move outside freely when the weather warms up! So, if you are thinking your rodent problem will solve itself because warmer weather is coming, you're likely to be disappointed.

Not only will mice and rats refuse to move outside in the warmer weather, but other rats and mice will also typically join those rodents inside your home if the infestation is not taken care of. Not only can outside rodents take advantage of holes in your walls or foundation, but those rodents already established inside will continue to have litters of baby mice and rats.

The Problem With Rodents Inside Your Home

  • Rodents chew things. A rodent, with its ever-growing incisors, will gnaw and chew on everything in sight. Once inside, they will chew on stored items, wires inside walls (which could cause a spark and a fire) and food items, among many other things. If you have a small hole in your wall or attic area, they are likely to chew that hole larger, allowing larger animals to get in, and heat or cool air to escape.
  • Rodents carry diseases. A few of the diseases that rodents are known to transmit include hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Lassa fever, and rat-bite fever.
  • Rodents bring secondary pests with them. When mice and rats get into homes, they do not typically come alone. Rodents usually carry with them mites, ticks or fleas. All of these parasites come with their own set of problems, including some serious health threats.
  • Rodents cause bad smells. If an infestation is allowed to go long enough and grows large, a noticeable smell will begin to develop as the urine of rodents is quite strong.
  • Rodents allow other pests entry. A tiny hole in a structure may not be large enough to admit much more than a gnat. But if that hole is gnawed large enough so that a mouse or rat can squeeze through, pretty much any other household pest will be able to get in as well.

Now is the time to take care of rodent infestations before they get even worse. If you need assistance with mice or rats in your Westchester home, reach out to Parkway Pest Services today to learn more about our residential pest control programs.