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Do You Know The Signs Of A Mouse Infestation?

Mouse infestation

Mice can be very damaging pests when they infest a home.  They cause major problems for homeowners and businesses in New Rochelle, Syosset, and throughout New York and Connecticut.  They breed very rapidly, and this means that if you do not catch the infestation in its early stages, it can quickly become out of hand.  So the question becomes; “Do you know the signs to look for to know if you have a mouse infestation?”  Your local New York rodent control experts at Parkway Pest Services want to clue you in on several of the common signs of mouse problems to watch for in your home:

  • Mouse Droppings – Mouse droppings are often found near the pest’s food source.  In our homes, this means our kitchen. Check under and behind the refrigerator, in unused kitchen drawers, and near the trash can.  Mouse droppings are very small (only about ¼ of an inch long), black, and pointed on each end.
  • Mouse Nests – Mouse nests will be made of soft, easily shredded materials.  Common nesting materials include newspaper, cardboard, and insulation.  Look for nests in any areas of low traffic.  Rodents like cluttered areas so there are plenty of things to hide behind, and they don’t like to be bothered.  This often leads to nests being made in the attic, the basement, or in crawlspaces that are not used very often.
  • Rub Marks – Mice often travel along the same paths over and over to get from their nests to their favorite source of food.  After some time, the grease and hair on their bellies rub the path smooth, making a sort of runway.  Look for these runways on the floor along the wall.

If you have seen any of these signs, you may have a serious mouse problem.  Don’t wait until they take over your home; contact Parkway Pest Services today to eliminate the rodent problem in your home.  Parkway has been providing professional exterminator services in New York since 1932 and has the experience and expertise necessary to take care of any pest problems that you may have in your New York home or business.  Contact them today for more information on the services available in your area.