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Bird Control

Pest Bird Solutions For Homes & Businesses

Pigeons and other birds can be a major problem for property owners, especially when they nest and roost in and around structures. Sanitation issues, damages to homes, building and machinery as well as health and safety risks are all concerns associated with these pests. At Parkway Pest Services, we don’t take pest bird problems lightly. We understand just how stressful and destructive bird problems can be. That’s why we offer bird control services that protect people and property in the New York metro.


pest bird found near a business

How Parkway Resolves Bird Problems

After a careful analysis of the property, our bird control professionals will design an action plan that addresses the pest bird population. Bird control methods and products we commonly use to eliminate pigeons and other pest birds include:

  • Humane trapping

  • Bird netting

  • Bird wire

  • Shock tracks

  • Bird spikes

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