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Put A Stop To Your Pest Bird Problems!


Aside from small insects that can cause major disturbances, our homes are also often intruded by larger unwelcome guests in the form of pigeons, birds, bats, flying squirrels and other wildlife creatures.

Pigeons can create unsightly, unsanitary, and unhealthy conditions within your home or commercial property. Pigeon droppings often carry transmittable diseases that can spread to people and animals, putting the health of your family and your pets at risk if not treated promptly and thoroughly.

Treatment for bird problems is most effective when performed by certified, well-trained professionals such as those at Parkway Pest Services, who are licensed by NYS for bird trapping and netting. We offer Bird-B-Gone, Inc. products to safely, effectively, and affordably eliminate your bird problems. Some of our most common solutions include:

  • Bird spikes – Prevent birds from nesting on ledges and sills. Lasts for at least 10 years
  • Bird netting – Permanent waterproof and rot-proof solutions ideal for warehouses, signs and other commercial structures
  • Bird slope – Used for ledges, beams and other 90-degree areas to keep birds from landing
  • Bird wire – Prevent landing on ledges and sills by creating an unstable surface
  • Shock track – Low profile electric track that produce a mild “jolt” when birds land to keep them away

Our wide range of options can help save you the worry and cost of dealing with pigeons and other pest birds on your property. We also provide expert services to get rid of nests and birds that have already found their way into your home.

In order to prevent pigeons and other birds from invading your home, it is important to eliminate any potential roosting or nesting areas. This may include filling in voids, turning flat areas into slopes and keeping all food and standing water out of reach. If you have a history of pigeon problems or are concerned about your property’s risk, contact the professionals at Parkway Pest Services today!