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Termites Are Swarming Now - Don’t Wait Call Today - Authorized Sentricon Installer
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What's Swarming Around Your Property?


The spring season brings a lot of insect activity to the Greater New York area; the ones that crawl and the ones that swarm. Some species of insects swarm by the masses in the spring as a means to find a mate and form a new colony. The swarming insects may be scary at first glance, but they are typically the reproductive and not capable of causing any harm. Often times swarming termites in Greenwich and throughout our region are mistaken for flying ants. Unfortunately confusing termites and ants can lead to a serious pest problem.   

Although swarming termites themselves do not destroy wood, it is a sure sign that their worker friends have a colony nearby, possibly even inside your home. In order to identify which insects are flying around your home this spring, here is an easy way to tell the difference between swarming termites and flying ants.

Termite Swarmers:

  • Broad body
  • Two sets of wings equal in length
  • A beaded antenna that is more straight

Flying ants:

  • Pinched abdomen with an hourglass shape
  • Two sets of wings that are unequal in length (larger wings are in the front)
  • Antenna is elbowed

Now that you have identified which insect is infesting your property, it is time to contact your local pest control company for eradication. Infestations of any kind are not good for homes, but especially when it’s a wood destroying insect like the termite. Each year termites are responsible for billions of dollars in structural damages. Don’t let the termites take over your property, contact Parkway Pest Services today!   Available in Greenwich, Long Island and throughout the New York Metro area, Parkway’s termite control services are the ideal way to eliminate the threat of termites. You can also rest assured that with the installation of Sentricon Colony Elimination Systems, termites won’t stand a chance in the future.