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Am I Really Going To Get Termites?


It is a natural human instinct to believe that bad things will happen to the other guy. We don't believe we'll be the one trapped in a burning car. We don't believe we will be the one who will plummet from the sky in an airplane. And, we don't believe we'll be the one who loses hundreds of thousands of dollars to termites. This instinct works well for us. It keeps us from spending every waking moment in fear of every possible thing that could happen in our lives. But it can also keep us from doing what me must to effect the statistical probability that those bad things will happen. Yes. You can actually change your odds. It is easier than you might think.

Statistics is the study of the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. It is a science. When you reach a certain level of statistical probability you can determine the outcome of events with almost certainty. Insurance agents use it to decide whether or not you will be a loss for them. If you are a certain age, a certain gender, have an accident on your record, or some other known criteria, they can accurately determine what amount they are able to insure you for. It is simply a numbers game. But this is a game you can influence.

If you wear your seat belt you can increase your odds of surviving a car crash. If you wear a helmet you can increase your chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. If you choose to live in a state where they don't have tornadoes, there is a greater chance your home won't be destroyed by tornadoes.

In the United States over 2 billion dollars is paid each year in property damage due to termites. If you were to pay 1 dollar per second, it would take you 63.4 years to payout 2 billion dollars. That is a lot of money each year, and someone is spending it on termite damage. Not you. Not yet. But it could happen.

So what is the probability?

It is impossible to determine with reasonable accuracy what the probability is that your home will be infested with termites, but any statistician will tell you that you can influence your probability by setting yourself apart from the others in your control group. If you do nothing to protect yourself from termites, your odds are no better than the other 316.1 million people living in the United States. But, if you get termite control services, your odds of getting termites reduces to almost zero. It just makes sense.

Who should I get to protect my home from termites?

If you are out of the service area of Parkway Pest Services, find a company that uses the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, is Green Shield certified, and has decades of experience. You have invested a lot in your home or business. Get the right company to protect your equity and change your odds today.