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Tick Prevention And Lyme Disease In NY


Thankfully the warmer weather has arrived in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Families are busy planning their summer vacations including hiking and camping trips to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. But when making these plans to go into the woods it is important to be aware of the dangers of tick bites and the spread of Lyme disease. This year has already proven to be a bad one for tick problems and these pests are not showing signs of backing off anytime soon.

To prevent yourself from getting bit by a tick and contracting Lyme disease:

  • Wear light colored clothing when out in a place that is known to have ticks. Since ticks are a dark color they are much easier to spot on light fabrics.
  • Cover your skin with long sleeves and long pants tucked into socks or shoes if possible. The less your skin is exposed, the less chance of a tick bite.
  • Consider an insect repellent with DEET which can help to ward off ticks.
  • Walk in the middle of paths rather than on the edge which is where ticks are most likely waiting to hop on a person or animal and feed on their blood.
  • To keep your property free of ticks, keep your lawn mowed regularly to avoid tall grassy areas.
  • Always check yourself and your pets for ticks when you get back inside.
  • Keep your pets treated with an effective tick treatment from the veterinarian’s office.

Lyme disease is spread through the bite of an infected deer tick. Although not all deer ticks and other species of ticks are carriers of Lyme disease it is best to avoid any contact with ticks. If you start to develop any of the following symptoms of Lyme disease it is important that you see your health care provider right away as the symptoms can become more severe and hard to diagnose.

  • Red rash in the shape of a bulls-eye
  • Flu like symptoms including fever, body aches, fatigue, and chills
  • Joint or muscle pain or swelling
  • Bell’s palsy

There is no need to avoid the outdoors this year for fear of a tick bite. As long as you are diligent in your tick prevention you can continue to do the things you’ve always done to enjoy the warm weather. If you are concerned about there being a lot of tick activity near your home in Long Island, Rye and Harrison as well as throughout metro New York and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey, contact Parkway Pest Services to see how our home pest control services can help you steer clear of tick problems this year. We are an experienced New York exterminating company ready to help you resolve all your pest problems!