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The Trouble With Rodents And Wildlife On Long Island

the troube with rodents and wildlife on long island

Among the many pests that can invade your home, it seems that rodents and wildlife are causing a lot of drama for Long Island homeowners as well as for those elsewhere in New York and Connecticut. Because of the damage and destruction they cause to the health concerns they introduce, mice, rats, raccoons, and squirrels as well as other NY wildlife should all be watched out for. As the weather begins to cool down on Long Island, both mice and wildlife will be looking for a warm place to live, which is why it is very important to be on alert.

Rodents and wildlife pose many threats as a pest mainly due to their larger size and the health concerns they carry. Here are just a few problems with having these pests inside of your home:

  • Once inside they will begin to create nests, which means damage to the structures, materials and personal belongings within your home.
  • Rodents especially are known for their constant gnawing which poses an even greater threat to the structure of your home and the contents within.
  • Risk of fire from gnawing at electrical wires and equipment.
  • Urine and droppings contaminate the home, spreading harmful pathogens.
  • Some wildlife carries diseases such as rabies, which is dangerous for humans and pets.
  • Once inside, rodents and wildlife will multiply which leaves an even larger problem than what you started with.
  • Other pests such as fleas and ticks can be introduced into the home when rodents and wildlife are taking over.

Clearly, there is a lot of trouble when it comes to an infestation of rodents and/or wildlife. The good news is that maintaining a pest free home is possible! Here are some prevention tips to keep rodents and wildlife out of your home this fall and winter:

  1. Be sure that all openings and gaps on the exterior are properly sealed off. This includes small cracks and holes as well as larger utility openings.
  2. Take the trash out on a regular basis and keep it stored in bins with locking lids to avoid attracting rodents and wildlife in the first place.
  3. Always maintain your year round pest control services to avoid the threat of any serious pest problems.
  4. Contact a wildlife removal company at the first sign of a problem to quickly and effectively get rid of raccoons and other animals.  

Parkway Pest Services offers residents in New York including Long Island, Brooklyn, and Westchester County home pest control services as well as wildlife removal services that not only get rid of rodents and wildlife but also prevent any future infestations. DIY removal of such pests is not only less effective but it is dangerous without a trained pest control professional.

To learn more about how the NY pest control pros at Parkway can help you control rodents and wildlife this fall, please contact us today! We also extend our pest control and wildlife removal services to those Greenwich and Fairfield County, Connecticut.