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'Tis The Season For Wildlife Problems In NY


Christmas has come and gone and now all we have left to look forward to is New Year’s Eve and then it is dark and chilly winter days until spring! If you live in New York, you’ve probably been enjoying this frosty weather for the past few months (or hating it, depending on your particular views!) and we can tell you that at Parkway, despite the frigid temperatures, we’ve still been busy helping home and business owners combat pests.  One of the pests that accompanies the cold winter season is the threat of nuisance wildlife in New York including raccoons, skunks and many others.  New York wildlife creatures are looking for food, water and shelter, which means your home is very attractive to these bothersome pests.  

There is a simple answer to nuisance wildlife control in Westchester County, Long Island, Five Boroughs and the surrounding areas: trusted New York wildlife solutions from Parkway Pest Services.  We know that raccoons, squirrels, birds and skunks are all nuisances to have on your property and we work hard to eliminate these pests from inside your homes and businesses.  These pests are more than just a bother; if they have access to the exterior or interior of your home they can cause serious problems, including: 

  • Damaged and contaminated insulation 
  • Droppings and urine spread through the attic 
  • Nesting sites in the eaves of the home 
  • Unfriendly pet encounters with wildlife 
  • Spreading fleas and ticks to you and your pets 
  • Spreading dangerous diseases to you and your pets 
  • Hearing noises at night of wildlife in the attic and walls 

If you have experienced any of these problems associated with a wildlife infestation then you are well aware of just how bothersome they can be. Life is busy; you just don’t have time to deal with wildlife pest infestations.  The good news is that Parkway Pest Services specializes in wildlife removal so you can have peace of mind that your attic is not going to be housing raccoons this winter. 

With wildlife control services including animal trapping, bat and bird proofing, wildlife exclusion and even animal damage repair, you can trust that this Long Island pest control team will get rid of wildlife problems. To learn more about Parkway’s Long Island wildlife removal, please contact us.  We also offer home pest control services to eliminate the worry of many different types of pests in your New York home or business; give our exterminators a call today for more information on all the services we offer. 

This blog was originally published on December 5, 2012, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating wildlife problems.