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Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips For Stamford CT


If you live in Stamford Connecticut you are aware that there are a number of pests that can plague you. Wasps sting, mice and rats spread illness, termites eat wood, skunks stink up the place, and the list goes on and on and one. Here is your top 10 list of pest prevention tips to start 2015 on the right food.


Keep trash sealed.

Open trash cans lure pests into your yard. Wild animals will feed. Flies will breed. And spiders will come to eat all those flies. Trash should never be vulnerable. Put your trash in bags, and put your trash bags in sealed containers.


Protect your roofline.

Your roofline and eaves are an easy entry point for many pests. Push wire mesh in your downspouts to keep creatures from crawling up. Cut tree branches back from the roof, so creatures can't jump onto it. Consider installing insect guards to keep bugs from squeezing in your eaves. And, if you continue to get bugs, have a pest controller spray your roofline periodically, to keep bugs away.


Fill holes and gaps.

Houses get holes and gaps, especially if they have to deal with winter snow, ice and high winds. Check your home for entry points and use a caulking gun to fill them. Seal around window frames, outlets, pipes, and any other object that passes through your exterior walls.


Keep firewood away.

Having a wood pile near your house is never a good idea. If you don't want to lure wood eating insects to your exterior walls, consider putting your wood at least 25 feet from your walls.


Set a mealtime for animals that live outside.

Do you have pets or animals in your back yard? Consider make a meal time. Animals will get used to feeding at the same time every day, and you will keep from having a food source that attracts pests.


Seal windows and Doors.

Window screens, door sweeps and weather stripping, should always be in perfect working order. It doesn't take much of a gap for an insect to squeeze through.


Routine inspections.

You should always be checking your attic for nests and pest activity. If you have wasps, termites, bats, rodents, and other harboring pests, a quick flashlight inspection will discover them before they can grow their numbers.


Make sure water doesn't rot your home.

Water rots wood. It is never good to have water near your foundation. Keep all your gutters in good working condition, and make sure no water sits in puddles next to your exterior walls. Soft rotting wood is attractive to many pests.


Keep things clean inside

It is always good to keep things clean. Even a splotch of mayonnaise is a feast for a bug. If bugs get past your defenses, you don't want to give them a reason to stay. Keep rugs, counters, floors and dishes clean.

TIP 10

Partner with a pest control company.

There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself from pest, but excluding them entirely is something only a certified pest control technician can do. Don't be afraid to start the conversation..