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Travel Tips For The Holidays

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It is time to be aware of the dangers that pests pose for you during the holidays. Here are some ways for you to consider:

 Many people go hunting during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Whether you are hunting at home or away, you will need to plan your time. Make sure you know the area you are hunting in and be aware of your surroundings. Go in a group, with family, or friends and make it a bonding experience while enjoying the satisfaction of putting up food for the winter. At the same time, you need to be aware of pests like ticks that are infesting the woods. These tiny pests can get on you or your gear, and you may just end up taking them home with you.

 Ticks are parasites that feed on blood. There are three different common types; deer, dog, and ticks. They attach to the skin of humans and animals to feed and can transmit some pretty serious illnesses in the process.

 Another common occurrence during the holidays is traveling home. If you are traveling, there are so many plans to be made. Don’t let all of the planning stress you out. Plan ahead and organize your time well so that you can enjoy your time with your family and friends. Don’t wait for the last minute to finalize your plans. You should also be aware that bed bugs could attach themselves to you while you travel on trains, buses, and other modes of transportation or in hotels and other places of accommodation. You could end up inadvertently taking them home with you.

 Bed bugs are small parasites that feed on human blood. They reproduce rapidly, so if they have found their way into your home you will want to eliminate them quickly.

 Are you visiting family and friends that have pets for the holidays? You may or may not be a pet-friendly type of person. Either way, you will want to know about the pets in the home. Find out which ones are friendly, and what to look for in these pets to know their personalities. This will alleviate your stress level if you are not comfortable around pets. You will also want to know how to identify a flea problem, so you don’t end up bringing them home with you from the holidays.

Fleas are a very common parasite that can become numerous very quickly. They are extremely small and feed on the blood of animals. They can be prevented on pets by using a flea treatment prescribed by your veterinarian; but once they have invaded a home, it takes a professional pest control provider to completely get rid of them.

 Lastly, if you are hosting for the holidays, you will be planning, cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Perhaps it's your tradition to cut down a Christmas tree and bring it into your house during Thanksgiving. Have you thought about the bugs you could potentially be bringing into your home on the tree? Insects like mites and more can be carried in on a tree as they lay dormant in the cold, but they quickly come back to life once the warmth of your home reaches them.

 Mites are tiny and find their home on the outer layer of your skin. Unfortunately, mites will burrow and lay eggs in your skin causing a nasty rash complete with itching. This pest will annoy you greatly if you are infested.

 Regardless of your plans, rest assured that a pest control service like the industry-leading plans here at Parkway Pest Service can eliminate the pests that you have inadvertently carried into your Nassau or Westchester County home.  As always, take time to enjoy your family and friends during the holidays and spread some peace, love, and joy.