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Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017

bed bug

Bed bugs! Bed bugs everywhere! It can be scary to hear on the news that cases of bed bug infestations continue to rise, and how much more frustrating when you hear about many of the over the counter treatment options not getting the job done. If only the solution were in a spray can, bed bugs wouldn't be such a terror. The truth is that bed bug infestations can be some of the hardest to eliminate, and it all has to do with how resilient the little bloodsuckers are. While the DIY approach can be appealing, and may even kill some of the bugs threatening your White Plains home, more often than not you are simply prolonging the agony rather than fixing the problem. Getting the right information on bed bugs is crucial to avoiding the hassle of failed extermination, and the majority of what you can do is to prevent bed bugs in the first place, so we've provided our top five bed bug prevention tips from 2017.

  • Know what to look for. Part of what makes bed bugs so difficult to deal with is that they are hard to spot. Full-grown bugs are only the size of an apple seed, and bed bugs eggs are almost too small to see with the naked eye. Your best bet for finding bed bugs is to examine the seams of mattresses and furniture, bed frames, nightstands, and the edges of rugs up against the wall.
  • Travel wisely. Yes, bed bugs can be just about anywhere. Hotels certainly, but also buses, airplanes, libraries, restaurants, and even grandma's house. Inspect areas that you plan to spend any length of time in, especially where you'll be sleeping. Headrests in transport, upholstered furniture, even wooden furniture with seams and crevices can easily hide bed bugs. Do a thorough check of any room you plan to sleep in and leave if bed bugs are discovered.
  • Refuse hitchhikers. No, not people without access to their own transportation. Bed bugs are the consummate hitchhikers and will find a place on your shoe or in your bag to ride home with you. When out and about, be aware of where you set down your purse, backpack, or luggage. Don't bring luggage into hotel or guest rooms until you've inspected them, and putting bags up on chairs for the duration of your visit is a wise move.
  • Bar the gates to your palace. Your final line of defense should be the door to your home. If you've been traveling, there are a number of ways you might have come in contact with bed bugs, but there's only one way for them to get into your house, and that's with you. When returning from a trip, or any place you think could be a risk, send clothes and any items you can to the washer and/or dryer. Heat is the most effective bed bug killer, so a hot wash or toasty tumble will ensure that any unwanted "guests" die before they can settle into your home. For items that can't be washed, inspect any crevices or seams carefully before giving them a place in your closet or on your floor.
  • Don't go it alone. It's the advice you likely don't want to hear, and it's certainly not new, but bed bugs aren't an easy infestation to fix, and you're better off bringing in the professionals. Bed bugs can live for months without feeding, will go dormant if their population is threatened, and can even develop resistance to some chemicals, making the need for fast and effective treatment paramount.

Parkway Pest Services is ready to help, offering our expertise and industry-standard equipment to White Plains and beyond. If you find yourself with a bed bug problem, Parkway Pest Services can provide the solution. Not only that, but we offer ongoing care through our year-round pest control plans, ensuring that once they are gone, bed bugs won't be setting down roots in your house again.