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5 Myths & Truths About The Bed Bugs In Westchester

bed bugs

Most pests find ways to annoy us during the day, but these nocturnal insects are experts at bothering us the whole night through. 
Bed bugs have quite the nefarious legacy. They are well known by homeowners living in the Westchester area. The tiny bodies and hungry stomachs of these insects lead them into any hospitable home they can find, especially during the travel-heavy months of the holiday season. If not swiftly dealt with, a single pair of resident bed bugs (or one female ready to lay eggs) can multiply into a stressful and itchy infestation nightmare.

The Myths Explained

There is a lot of misinformation about pests, especially sinister bed bugs. Prepare yourself to face any blood-sucker that might come crawling to your Westchester home this holiday season by reading up on some of the most common myths surrounding their spread.
Myth # 1 – It's impossible to see bed bugs with the naked eye because they’re too tiny.
TRUTH: Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and can be found on beds or furniture, around books, and inside electrical outlets. Their eggs are extremely difficult to see, no larger than a single speck of dust. However, adult bed bugs are all-too visible to the unfortunate homeowner and their family.
Myth # 2 - Only dirty houses attract and keep bed bugs.
TRUTH: Bed bugs are opportunist hitchhikers that don’t discriminate against less-than-perfect housekeeping. Although scientists have discovered that these insects prefer dirty clothes over clean ones, these bugs will hop onto any available luggage, bedding, or body to find their next host home.  
Myth # 3 - Bed bugs are only found in beds.
TRUTH: It’s an unfortunate reality, but bed bugs can be found in many places besides beds. Furniture, clothing, under carpets, and inside electrical outlets are all potential bug hideouts. Of course, mattresses are always a pest-favorite location thanks to the emission of carbon dioxide while we sleep, which attracts the bugs to our bedrooms.
Myth# 4 - Bed bugs transmit diseases.
TRUTH: Bed bugs aren’t known to transmit any serious diseases, but they can and will bite. These bites are itchy and uncomfortable, occurring in straight lines or small clusters. Large groups of these creatures can cause allergic reactions and insomnia for some people.                    

Myth #5 – I can get rid of bed bugs on my own.
TRUTH: There are many products and gimmicks on the market that promise to get rid of bed bugs without any hassle, but most of these methods are unsafe, unreliable, and less than affordable, at best. The only true way to ensure you eliminate every bed bug in all stages of their life cycle is to call for the professionals at Parkway now.

Parkway Does Things Your Way

Just like healthcare, pest control is a process of regular check-ups, healthy activity, and preventative action. Give Parkway Pest Control a call and discover your bed-bug-free home today.