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Tips For Avoiding Winter Wildlife


As colder weather approaches, diminishing food supply for wildlife animals will lead these animals to have more and more encounters with us. While they seek food and shelter, they will begin to appear more frequently in our yards, around our trash receptacles, and even in our homes! Nuisance animals such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and possums, as well as flying critters like bats and pest birds, can cause a lot of damage to our property. It is best to try to limit exposure to these animals and call in the experts to rid your home of them if necessary.

We co-exist with nature's creatures all the time, so why should we be worried about increased contact with wildlife in the winter? In the warmer months wildlife mostly stays where it belongs, in the wild. There is plenty of food out in the woods so that’s where the animals remain. Occasionally a stray raccoon might come up and rummage through some tasty trash, a skunk will wander through the yard, and squirrels will frolic in nearby trees, but for the most part, they stay away from us. In the winter, as food becomes scarce and temperatures drop, these animals look for new sources of food and shelter. They get braver and come into yards that contain our pets and invade our storage sheds, attics, and homes. Most of these animals will leave droppings behind that can contain the disease and spread illness. Not only that, but they can do extensive damage to insulation, gutters, eaves, and our belongings as they make nests and build winter homes in our homes. These animals can get into tussles with our pets and cause injury or disease, and even if there’s no contact, the smell of skunk spray is not something you want to mess with.

Even though it's nice to save a few dollars, especially this time of year, it's not wise to try to get rid of these wildlife animals by yourself. They are called wild for a reason. As described above, they can carry disease and do lots of damage. You can use baits or traps but the likelihood that you will eliminate the problem completely is very low, and there are very real risks associated with DIY wildlife management. And thinking long term, if one animal got into your yard or home, there’s a good chance others will follow. Parkway Pest Services has qualified nuisance wildlife control specialists who can rid your home of pests and prevent them from coming back. We provide trapping and removal of animals and know the proper ways to relocate them. We also prevent animals from reentering the home by installing bird netting and employing other wildlife exclusion techniques. Get peace of mind and a good night’s sleep by letting our experts remove damaging wildlife from your home.