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What Does It Mean If I See Flying Ants On My Property?


It seems like everyone has been waiting with baited breath this year for those first signs of spring. Even though the winter hasn’t been one of the worst that New York has ever seen, for some reason most of us are inclined to agree that it is time for it to be over. Who isn’t looking forward to getting back out in the yard with the smell of fresh cut grass and the sound of kids playing wafting in through the open window? We might even be looking forward to seeing the return of some of our favorite garden dwelling bugs such as ladybugs, grasshoppers, butterflies, and the occasional honeybee making their rounds.

But, spring brings out all the creatures that have waited out the long winter; and they are now on the lookout for a new home. For instance, flying ants will be swarming this time of the year. Over the winter deep in the nest of the carpenter ant, new ants have hatched from their eggs and the nest has swollen to just about bursting. As soon as spring makes it safe to emerge, winged ants that were produced specifically for forming a new nest and producing a new population swarm together and begin their journey. If a swarm is spotted in the neighborhood, this means two things. One, the original nest is probably not that far away; and two, one of the buildings close by might have a future carpenter ant infestation to deal with.

Carpenter ants, like other creatures, look for what will fulfill their basic needs: wood to nest in, moisture, and food nearby. Generally, a home gives them everything that they need; and homeowners do not always recognize the few ants that they actually see as a threat. However, if carpenter ants are spotted in the kitchen, there is a nest nearby, perhaps right inside the walls. The problem with the carpenter ant is the damage that they can do to the structure of your home. Carpenter ants chew their way through the wood to expand their nest as well as to create tunnels to areas all over the house. These activities seriously compromise the structure of your home leading to hundreds of dollars in damages, or more in untreated cases.

Seeing signs of carpenter ants swarming near your home is nothing to ignore. Give Parkway Pest Services a call as soon as one is spotted. We can get a team to the area as soon as possible to inspect for infestations on your property and determine any threat to your home. Over the counter ant control methods rarely do much good. It might take care of a few ants, but nests can grow to populations in the thousands. Calling in a professional pest control service is going to be the best way to protect your home.