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What Every Westchester Homeowner Ought To Know About Raccoons


Trash pandas, nighttime bandits... Raccoons have many nicknames. Chances are you are here today because raccoons are causing trouble around your property. This is not uncommon behavior for these gloved hooligans. Being gifted with opposable thumbs and cursed with a hunger for mischief, raccoons are frequently found around Westchester homes, getting into things they shouldn’t. We are here today to share with you what every Westchester homeowner ought to know about raccoons.

Raccoons Habits and Behaviors

By nature, raccoons are nocturnal pests. This means they stay awake at night and sleep during the day. Typically, raccoons can be found inhabiting forested areas near a source of water. It is not unheard of, however, for raccoons to invade homes during the winter months to stay warm. Most commonly raccoons will den within hollow trees, inside burrows, or within barns or other outbuildings. When inside a home, raccoons might try to hide in attic spaces, beneath porches, or even inside chimneys.

Problems Associated With Raccoons

There are many problems that can come with a raccoon hanging around your property. For one, raccoons love to dig through the trash. They do this to find food and other interesting (shiny) objects. A ball of aluminum foil can keep a raccoon entertained for quite some time. If raccoons are around on your property, finding trash bins knocked over and trash strewn about will be a common occurrence. In addition to being able to spread rabies, raccoons can also be vectors for some fairly serious diseases. Roundworm and intestinal parasites are both threats raccoons can pose to homeowners and their pets. If you suspect raccoons are around your property, be careful not to interact with them as they could be dangerous. Due to their agile fingers and thumbs, raccoons have been known to rip and tear property apart to accomplish their goals. This makes them highly destructive, especially when trying to get into outbuildings and attic spaces.

How To Make Your Property Less Attractive To Raccoons

There are many ways you can deter and keep raccoons off your property. To start, we recommend investing in heavy-duty garbage cans that can be tightly sealed to keep raccoons out of them. Another good thing to do is to seal off or repair entryways raccoons might use to get into your home or outbuildings. This can be done in part by installing wire screens inside large gutters, and a cap on your chimney. Another way you can deter raccoons is by storing your trash cans in your garage or an outbuilding until the day they need to go out. Even with heavy-duty cans, raccoons have been known to find their way inside. We also recommend getting rid of bird feeders and fountains that are close to your home as they can draw in unwanted raccoon guests. Clutter and debris are big rodent/wildlife attractors. Do your best to keep your yard free of these things.

Why You Shouldn’t Deal With Raccoons Alone

Raccoons can be dangerous creatures. If you suspect some are living on or close to your property, do not attempt to catch or deal with them on your own. Instead, turn to the professionals here at Parkway Pest Services. We can place traps and bait on your property to quickly and effectively remove unwanted raccoons. When raccoons come looking for trouble, give the professionals here at Parkway a call. We will make sure your trash bandits burglar you no more.