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Three Signs Your New York City Property Has A Termite Problem

termite eating

It might be common knowledge that termites consume wood. What the average New Yorker may not know is just how destructive they can be. Each year, these insects cost Americans $5 billion in damage and prevention fees. That’s a pretty explosive number, but it’s an accurate one. The pests can literally bring a home or business down to its knees. Residents will want to protect their loved ones and place to sleep. Businesspersons will naturally want to guard their investments, customers, and employees.

Being proactive about termite control is paramount in curbing their wreckage. In addition to being unaware of their financial impact on the nation, folks don’t know where to start with combating them. Much less, what the signs are of an infestation. That can change now. Study the following indicators, and learn how Parkway Pest Services can be of use

Sign #1: Seeing Swarmers

Termite colonies have three classes. As their title suggests, workers do most of the demolishing. Soldiers shield the family. The duty of a swarmer is to reproduce and create new living spots. These termites are ½ of an inch long and have wings. They come in yellow, black, and brown. In the springtime, they’ll abandon the nest to mate and complete their designated tasks. They’ll crawl through wall crevices and gravitate to light sources, like lamps and windows. Workers and soldiers stay inside walls, while swarmers go flying about. That said, seeing them is a chief sign of infestation. It’s a startling one too. Swarmers only travel out when their habitat is entirely occupied.

Sign #2: Ruined Walls & Paint

When termites get to feasting on your property’s structure, you’ll notice changes in the appearance of your foundations and paint. Drywall will start to droop and look discolored. It will be covered in tiny holes, the size of a pin-point. There will be tunnels, maze patterns, and mud tubes in it as well. Wood will echo and sound hollow when you tap on it. Paint will begin to chip and peel. It’ll be as though it was water damaged. Your tiles and floorboards may be loose and give way when you put pressure on them. 

Sign #3: Finding Termite Waste

If there’s an infestation, termites will leave piles of their pellets. It will resemble spilled salt and pepper. Swarmers shed their scaly wings.

Preventing Termites

Thankfully, there are multiple ways to fend off termites. You’ll have to really pay attention to the state of your property and upkeep your yard:

  • Get rid of any rotting or impaired wood; especially if it’s been affected by water. Otherwise, have it restored.
  • Repair leaks, moisture issues, and plumbing problems. Things dampening wood should be prioritized. 
  • If you have free wood, such as a carpentry panel, keep it off of soil. Also, store it away from your property.
  • Close gaps and cracks in foundations and utility lines. You can try using caulk..
  • Groom your yard, flowers, plants, and shrubs. Greenery should be several feet from exterior doors. 
  • Keep all gutters and vents clean.

Parkway Pest Services Termite Control

Termites can take you by surprise. You won’t know they’ve taken a bite out of your place until it’s almost too late! If you try “do it yourself” elimination methods or retail products, you’ll just be frustrated with the outcome. Termites can be resistant to insecticides. Plus, the instructions are so confusing, and not every species reacts to treatments the same.

With expert care from Parkway Pest Services, you’ll get an effective and comprehensive remedy. To boot, it will be time efficient. Everything in our arsenal is high-quality, but safe for humans. You won’t have to guess if it will work. Defend what’s yours and call us today!