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How Are Rodents Getting Into My Home?

mice on food

Rodents are clever little pests that can make their way into a home through small gaps, holes or cracks that appear too small for their bodies. They will also gnaw and chew their way in if they are desperate enough to find shelter, warmth, water, and food. The rodents in New York mainly consist of mice and rats, but can also include squirrels and chipmunks. It can be very cold in this region, and the rodents are looking to survive the frigid winter months just like we are.

A variety of bacteria and viruses can be carried by rodents into a home, which can become a health risk to humans and pets. Rodents can also introduce fleas and ticks into a home just as easily. A lot of damage can be done to the structure of a home, including walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and other personal items, and rodents will chew on anything.

Rodents gain entry to a home through the gaps, holes, and cracks located in your home's foundation and exterior walls. They are also known for getting in through damaged window frames, door frames, and broken or missing screens and vents. Utility wires, pipes, and cables into a home are possibilities as well. In attempting DIY rodent prevention, you'll want to check and seal all these entry points, keep back vegetation from your home, and trim back trees and bushes. You should also keep all of your food stored in sturdy containers with tight-fitting lids, and clean up food and drink messes promptly, as rodents will certainly be interested in some tasty smelling treats. Take out your trash regularly, and keep it in airtight bins that are stored a distance from your home or in a secure area.

Cute as they may be to some people, rodents are a definite household health risk and can cause major damage to a home. That is why it is so important to keep rodents out of homes. Rodents reproduce very quickly, and they are good at avoiding traditional capture methods and staying out of sight, making them very hard to get rid of. The best way to eliminate rodents in a home is to contact a professional pest control service that is highly knowledgeable about rodents.

Parkway Pest Services is ready to help you get rid of the rodents in your home. Not only that, they can assure you that these menacing pests will not return. Our experienced technicians know how important it is to take care of rodent infestations as soon as possible. We also are happy to say that we are Green Shield Certified and use Integrated Pest Management techniques, which means using fewer chemicals and a focus on baiting and excluding pests. If you want to avoid rodents, or have already seen signs of a rodent infestation, and live in the areas of Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Manhattan, Fairfield, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island or the Bronx, New York, give us a call today at Parkway Pest Services. Our philosophy is to provide excellent pest control service using the latest technologies and education while showing the utmost courtesy, professionalism, and respect to our customers.