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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants On Long Island Properties


Long Island is one of the most popular summer destinations in New York. This famous island has communities that range from the well-to-do Hamptons to tourist hot spots like Montauk. The beaches are lovely, the quaint towns are inviting, and the fishing is plentiful. Fishing is not the only thing that is abundant; ants in the Long Island thrive in this famous island retreat.

Common Ants Species Found In The Long Island Area

Multiple varieties of ants can be found in the Long Island area. Identifying these nuisance pests is the start to eradicating them from your property.

Common Long Island ant species include:

  • Pavement Ants: These ants are about 1/8” long and brown to blackish in color. They make nests in or under cracks in the pavement. Inside they are often found under floors, in insulation, and within walls.
  • Carpenter Ants: Averaging just over ½” long, carpenter ants are usually red, black, or a combination of the two colors. While they create a lot of damage, they do not actually eat wood. They excavate and leave tunnels that can pose a significant and costly threat to your property.
  • Odorous House Ants: These tiny ants tend to be less than 1/8” long and are typically brown or black. They give off a strong, rotten coconut-like smell when crushed. Odorous house ants can be found inside wall voids, near hot water tanks, pipes, in heaters, beneath leaky fixtures, and inside wood damaged by termites.
  • Pharaoh Ants: These ants are about 1/16” long and are usually a pale yellowish to red color with a darker, almost black abdomen. When inside a structure, they typically nest in warm, humid areas near food and water sources.

Once you identify which type of ant has invaded your property it's time to find a way to get them out.

What Long Island Property Owners Should Know About OTC Options

No matter what type of ant species you encounter in or around your property, getting rid of them on your own can be next to impossible. Colony sizes can range from moderate to very populous. Many species are highly adaptable and can relocate nests when disturbed or displaced. Once inside your property, nests can be inside wall voids, woodwork, masonry, behind facades, near water sources such as pipes, beneath leaky fixtures, and inside wood damaged by water and termites. Property owners may see a few ants in a specific location, but finding the source of the nest and exterminating is difficult. Over-the-counter sprays and traps are plentiful; however, they usually only provide short-term solutions and don't address the bigger problem. In addition, they can also be potentially dangerous to humans and pets.

Useful Ant Prevention Techniques Useful For Long Island Residents

Property owners can put forth a lot of time, effort, and money trying to eradicate ant infestations on their own. By combining Parkway Pest Services' ant control program with some preventative measures, property owners can rid themselves of these nuisance pests.

Preventative measures include:

  • Ants eat just about everything so it is wise to keep your property clean and tidy.
  • Avoid sources of moisture and standing water by removing yard debris around your property.
  • Avoid planting shrubs, bushes, and other plants close to structures.
  • Keep tree branches trimmed as ants can use them as a highway to access your property.
  • Seal cracks and small openings around your structure.

Once you've done what you can to stop attracting ants to your Long Island property let Parkway Pest Services take care of the rest.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Parkway Pest Services

At Parkway Pest Services, we have been fighting nuisance pests since 1932. We are a third-generation, family-owned and operated pest control company that offers the finest pest control solutions in the area. Our staff is highly trained to handle and treat any pest situations you come up against in both a safe and effective manner. Do not battle pests on your own, contact Parkway Pest Services today for help eliminating ants and other nuisance pests.