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Avoiding Fall Rodent Infestations in Westchester, New York


Rodent invasions can be troublesome in the fall in New York. Our chilly falls and cold winters mean that rodents are seeking shelter near an abundant food source. Unfortunately for many Westchester homeowners, this can mean your attic or kitchen. Understand which rodents are prone to entering homes in the fall and what you can do to avoid them.

Types of Rodents That Will Attempt to Enter Your Home

There are several types of rodents that will attempt to enter your Westchester home in the fall. Some of these include:

Mice – These medium-sized rodents are the most common home invaders in the fall. You can usually identify a mouse infestation by their droppings. They leave behind a trail of what might be mistaken for chocolate sprinkles. If you spot a mouse in your house, it will likely be brownish-grey with hairless ears and a finely haired tail. Their feet are usually lighter in color than their bodies.

Squirrels - Squirrels are easily identified by their long bushy tails, cheek pouches and pointed ears. Most common squirrels have reddish-brown fur with stripes on their back. Squirrels are prone to hiding out in attics and can gnaw through eaves and soffits to get inside.

Rats – There are a couple of different types of rats that are common in the Westchester area. You can usually tell the difference between a mouse and a rat by their size. Regardless of the type, rats are generally much larger than mice and have longer tails.  

Problems Caused by Rodents 

Squirrels and other rodents can endanger the safety of our families and cause thousands of dollars in damage to our homes. There are many ways in which rodents can harm you or your family. Rodents can carry many diseases. Salmonella is a type of food poisoning spread by rodent feces. Rodents also can bring other kinds of pests with them into a home, such as fleas, ticks, and mites. Rodents can cause structural damage to a home. They will chew on anything that they see as necessary in building their nests. This could be wood, clothes, paper, etc. Rodents can also destroy wiring in homes causing many thousands of dollars in damage.

How to Get Rodents Out of Your Home

To keep rodents out of your house, consider the following tips:

  • Seal any open cracks around the exterior of your home.
  • Remove potential food sources including compost piles and rotted garden vegetation along with the more common pet food
  • Make sure your trash cans are closed and far away from your house.
  • Consider seeking out the help of a pest control professional

Getting Rid of Rodents, the Professional Way

The most efficient way to get rid of rodents is to call the professionals. At Parkway Pest Service, we are proud to have a skilled and intelligent team of professionals that will deal with your rodent problem swiftly. Don’t stress about rodent infestations in your Westchester, NY home this fall, call us at Parkway Pest Services to keep your home rodent-free.