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Green Termite Treatment

green termite treatment

Isn't it nice when a problem can be easily solved? Like a squeaky tire, quieted with a spray of WD-40, a leaky hose fixed with just a foot of duct tape, or a tippy table held steady with a couple of books tucked under a leg. What if I told you there is an easy fix for that frustrating termite infestation you've been dealing with? Would that be nice? Well, there is. The easy solution you need is The Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. It's safe. It's effective. And it's green.

How Does it Work?

The Sentricon System works by giving termites easy access to a preferred food source. Multiple Sentricon stations are placed in the ground surrounding your home, each loaded with an insect growth regulator called noviflumuron.

It has been proven that termites prefer this bait even more than the wood of your house. Workers take this slow acting poison back into the heart of their nest and feed it to their queen.

How Fast Does it Kill Termites?

The Sentricon System starts its work the second it's installed. In a matter of days, all termite colonies around your house will be suffering heavy losses. What's more, the noviflumuron will spread like yeast through every nest, killing the queens. Without a queen, a colony cannot survive.

Is The System Easy to Maintain?

Once installed by a pest control specialist, the Sentricon bait stations need maintenance only once or twice a year. This allows flexibility when setting up a service schedule.

Is it Safe?

The Sentricon System is completely eco-friendly and only designed to disrupt the molting process of insects and other closely related creatures. Your dog would have to devour at least 200 bait stations to feel any effect at all. Whether it be your child, your pet or your garden, the Sentricon System is the safest, greenest way to exterminate termites.

Your house may not be the White House. It may not even be white! But you deserve the same termite protection the U.S. government uses to protect our White House. Protect your house--whatever color it is--from home wrecking termites. Call Parkway Pest Services and have them install the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

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