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Animal Control Vs. Wildlife Control


At Parkway Pest Services, we are often asked whether or not we do animal control. This is a good question. Our response is, "Yeah. We do animal control. But we don't work for the government." If you've wondered what the differences between government animal control services and nuisance wildlife control are, you've come to the right place.

Animal Control

Your local government-run animal control is, first and foremost, a law enforcement agency. Their mandate is to protect citizens and uphold laws and ordinances that protect animals from inhumane treatment. When someone has ten cats caged up in their backyard, Animal Control is the agency to call. If you see a dog wandering down the road, Animal Control will capture the dog, see that it gets the necessary shots, and bring it to where it can be adopted. They will respond to most pest related issues and take care of strays.

What you won't typically see Animal Control handling are wildlife calls. Not because they don't care about wildlife. They are simply too overwhelmed with pet management to handle the skunk that is living under your porch. If you contact Animal Control about a pest animal that is not a pet and does not pose an immediate danger to humans, they will give you the number for wildlife control.

Wildlife Control

When you have raccoons living in your attic, groundhogs under your shed, moles digging tunnels under your lawn, or that skunk living under your porch, Wildlife Control is the place to call. Your local Animal Control officer isn't likely to assist you.

Though Wildlife Control is a paid service, you get what you pay for. Our technicians don't just remove nuisance wildlife, we also clean infected areas and offer exclusion options that keep wildlife from continuing to invade. We also offer proactive wildlife control that deters pest animals before they become a problem.

At Parkway Pest Services we offer humane animal trapping, bat and bird proofing, wildlife exclusion, bird deterrents, and animal damage repair. When animals get into your trash, chew into your eaves, nest on your window ledges, infest your shed, eat your garden vegetables, and make themselves a general nuisance, it is time for wildlife control.

When you need wild animals removed and your home protected, give us a call. Our Wildlife Control Specialists have complete solutions to solve your pest problem.