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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Westchester County Home

wolf spider inside home

Few things strike fear in people more than spiders. The thought of a multi-legged arachnid crawling over you at night or scurrying out of a box as you pick it up is terrifying and unsettling.

If you are like most people and don't enjoy the presence of spiders in your Westchester home, you need the best pest control in Westchester, Parkway Pest Services.

Species Of Spiders That Can Be Found In Westchester County

Of the nearly 40,000 species of spiders worldwide, the following are common in the Long Island area:

  • Wolf Spiders
  • Sac Spiders
  • Harvestmen (daddy longlegs)

Unlike many spiders, the brown, hairy wolf spiders do not build webs; instead, they use their exceptionally good eyesight to chase and catch their prey. One distinguishing feature is the distinctive "Union Jack" dark markings on their back. 

Sac spiders do not build the typical spider web; instead, they create sacs. The sacs serve as a place to lay eggs and to rest. The pale brown to yellow spiders do not use the sacs for hunting purposes but pursue and catch prey like the wolf spider. 

Commonly known as a daddy longlegs, the harvestman spider is known for its long legs and an oval body. Unlike the eight eyes found on most spiders, the harvestman spider has only two eyes. Furthermore, this spider does not build webs and does not have venom glands. People play with these spiders because they cannot bite due to their tiny mouths. 

There are other species of spiders in the Long Island area, but they are not native or common in this part of the country.

Some Spiders Are More Dangerous Than Others

Of the three common types of spiders in the Westchester area, the bite of a sac spider is the most dangerous. Wolf spiders are not aggressive and will bite if mishandled or squeezed. Although wolf spiders have venom, which they use to kill their prey, the venom is not dangerous to humans. 

Clubionidae spiders or sac spiders occasionally bite humans when trapped inside clothing. Although not as detrimental as a bite from a brown recluse spider, the injury from the sac spider is similar in the following ways:

  • Swelling
  • Ulcerated Sores
  • Slow Healing
  • Stinging Sensation
  • Redness
  • Cramping
  • Nausea

If you are bit by a sac spider, elevate and ice the bite site. If the symptoms do not decrease, contact your doctor. Although many assign these reactions to a brown recluse bite, they are most likely the result of a sac spider, a typical New York state spider.

Five Naturally Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Around Your Home

Dangerous or not, no one wants to share a home with spiders. The following five prevention tips will help keep your home and property free from spiders: 

  1. Pick clothing up off the floor.
  2. Remove paper and box clutter from garages, basements, and attics.
  3. Repair holes in screens.
  4. Remove piles of leaves in moist, shaded areas.
  5. Seal of cracks around the home.

By minimizing attractions to the house and entry points into the home, you can prevent spiders in your home.

Professional Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control

The best way to get rid of spiders in your Westchester home is to use our team at Parkway Pest Services. When spiders move onto your property, they lay eggs and begin to reproduce. Unless their eggs are discovered and destroyed, the infestation of spiders will continue. Contact our team today, and we will solve your spider problem.