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Raccoons: Adorable, Cute & Dangerous


I don’t think that there is a person alive that would argue that raccoons are adorable. Their sweet little masked faces and their almost human-like tiny front paws make them simply irresistible to watch. In fact, some may be tempted to leave food in the back yard to encourage these little bandits to come near enough to be observed and will spend hours watching them grab, and chew, and frolic around. There is just something about their strong-willed, persistent attitude that is somehow pleasing; and their impish mischievous nature can seem fun and lend amusement to us as we look on. However, none of this changes the fact that raccoons can be dangerous creatures to have in and around our homes.

The raccoon will indeed find your home more appealing to them than the great outdoors if given the chance to experience it firsthand. They would much rather stay warm and dry and rummage for food in your pantry cupboards than to have to defend themselves from predators and compete for food sources with other woodland creatures. The problem begins as soon as they enter your home. They will contaminate food sources and will contaminate all areas that they travel across inside your home. They will destroy personal belongings while making their nests and will damage wood, insulation, and more. They will create the entrance and exits holes from the inside of your home to the out – leaving gaps for heat to escape and other pests to enter. These damages can become quite extensive and costly.

However, damaging your home is only the beginning. These creatures are known carriers of the rabies virus. One scratch or bite can leave you with some very painful medical interventions. Plus their saliva can transmit this virus so contact with areas that they have recently chewed can provide an avenue for infection as well. Raccoons are also very rarely alone. They come to your home with hundreds or thousands of their closest friends. I am, of course, referring to the fleas, ticks, lice, and mites that often infest these woodland cuties. Along with the obvious irritation of these parasites, comes the added risk of infection from a tick-borne illness or two.

It is rather obvious that sharing your home with raccoons is not only unwise, but it is very unhealthy. If you live in our New York service area, then you have nothing to fear. Parkway Pest Services can help. Our wildlife control specialists have the technology, protocols, and safety gear needed to humanely remove raccoons and other wild creatures from your home. We then have the training necessary to help you with effective integrated pest management solutions to protect your home from future issues with woodland creatures.

When wildlife decides that they would rather live in your New York home than out in the wild where they belong, don’t panic. Turn to the trusted experts here at Parkway Pest Services instead for safe, effective wildlife solutions.