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Hurricane Sandy Uncovers Termite Infestations In NY Homes

Termite infestation

New York and especially Long Island was hit hard by last year’s hurricane, Sandy. Structures, homes, and businesses were destroyed, damaged and many went without power for days. When natural disasters occur, there is usually a long road ahead to rebuild and restore the communities that were devastated. As the rebuilding process continues in New York communities that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, one thing that some homeowners are finding is damage that goes beyond the storm system. We’re talking about termite damages that were found only because there were other structural damages that needed attention.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, termites are sneaky. They work from the inside out, which means that you are not likely to see them or notice damages until it is too late. Some places have had termites infesting the structures for a long period of time and who knows what the result would have been had there not been a need for repairs after the storm. Termites may be small but their colonies are mighty and their damages are severe.

So if you are living in New York including anywhere in Nassau County or on Long Island, Westchester County, or throughout the Five Boroughs, please be sure to contact Parkway Pest Services for a termite inspection. Remember, just a quick look around is not going to suffice. Allow our team of NY pest and termite control professionals will conduct a thorough termite inspection to see if you are unknowingly hosting a colony of termites.

Depending on the nature of a termite infestation, our pest control technicians have a couple of termite exterminating options available. In some cases, we opt for the traditional termite treatment, which includes applications of pesticides to the soil and structures affected by termites. In addition, we are an authorized operator of the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System. This is an eco-friendly termite baiting system that not only gets rid of the existing termite colonies but prevents future colonies from forming as well.

As we continue to rebuild and restore homes and businesses after the hurricane, keep in mind how damaging termites can be to your home or business and if you have not already, make sure to call our exterminators or click here to schedule a termite inspection today! Don’t wait for a storm to see what is lurking in the structures of your home.