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Avoid Making Your Westchester Home A Target For Mosquitoes


Just because we are well into the summer season in Westchester, New York it doesn’t mean that we can let our guard down when it comes to summertime pests. This is especially true when talking about mosquitoes! Mosquitoes are still actively breeding and feeding in our area which means we need to continue to be proactive in making our properties as unattractive to them as possible in order to help protect our families and pets from the many diseases that they can carry and spread. To help reduce the amount of mosquitoes living on your Westchester property and protect your family and pets from their bites throughout the remainder of the summer season, the professionals at Parkway Pest Services want to provide you with a late summer reminder of the steps that you can take to help make your property as unattractive to mosquitoes as possible!

Late Summer Mosquito Prevention Tips:

  • Maintain your lawn. We understand that after mowing your lawn for what seems like a hundred times already this summer, you may not be very motivated to cut your lawn every weekend, but we are here to tell you that it is actually very important to keep your lawn cut short in order to deter mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love to hide in tall grasses in heat of the day, so short grass equals fewer mosquitoes hiding out on your property, so get out there and mow that lawn!
  • Inspect the perimeter of your lawn and trim back any shrub, bushes or other vegetation that may have become overgrown during the summer as mosquitoes also like to hide out in areas of thick vegetation.
  • During periods of summer rain, you may have noticed low lying areas on your lawn where water is pooling up. Take the time now to fill in those areas as it will help to eliminate areas of standing water on your property that can easily attract mosquitoes.
  • Inspect your home’s gutters and remove any debris that has built up in them. Gutters that have even a small amount of debris in them can easily allow water to build up which can provide another breeding area for mosquitoes on your property.
  • If you own a pool, make sure that it is being properly maintained. Also, make sure that any smaller wading pools that you, your kids, or your pets use to cool off are being emptied regularly and filled with fresh water.
  • Inspect your home’s window and door screens to make sure that they are not ripped or torn to keep biting mosquitoes from entering your home.

In addition to making sure your property is as unattractive to mosquitoes as possible, putting a professional mosquito control service into place is the best way to protect your family and pets from being bitten by dangerous disease spreading mosquitoes! At Parkway Pest Services, we offer effective mosquito control services through Integrated Pest Management which allows us to work with you to make physical changes around your property to reduce mosquito numbers in addition to using minimal amounts of insecticides in targeted areas to eliminate any mosquito breeding and resting sites found on your Westchester property. To learn more about how we can help protect your property and family from mosquitoes throughout the rest of New York’s mosquito season, give us a call today!